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Adding Åre A ‘Natural Step’ To Sweden’s 2026 Olympic Bid

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Sweden’s Åre has taken centre stage on the winter sports calendar with its 2019 FIS Alpine World Championships, creating an international buzz.  Athletes and spectators have been lauding the venue conditions and athletic performances that have included the final medal-winning career race of legendary American skier Lindsey Vonn. It’s no surprise that the Swedish Olympic Committee […]

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Löfven "basically positive" to a Swedish Olympics

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven does not want to take a position on a possible Swedish Winter Olympics yet. But it would be an exciting project, he believes.

The Swedish application to arrange the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026 was submitted a month ago. But it was an application with a dispensation because there is still no government security guarantee.

According to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S), the issue must be further investigated before a guarantee can be given.

"Basically, I am positive, but one must always prepare such things and see if it is sustainable, economical and for other reasons," says Löfven.

"If we could have the right financial responsibility, then I think we should try to do it."

Sweden has two heavy winter events now in February and March: the ongoing Alpine World Championships in Åre and the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund in a few weeks.

Stefan Löfven was in Åre on Tuesday to see, among other things, the team competition.

According to Karin Mattsson, chairman of the Swedish Ski Association, the visit is a good opportunity to talk about the Olympic Games.

"It is a logical question to raise, it is very current right now. We first have the World Championships here and then the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund. So we practice at 20-25 percent of a Winter Olympics, you can say," she says.

SOK's chairman, Mats Årjes, also hopes to convince the government and other politicians to support the Swedish application.

"It's a big challenge. But the process is progressing and we have tried to inform at the rate we have had the opportunity,” he says.

However, when a government decision can come, it is uncertain.

"It must be prepared in the usual order, so I dare not have any idea about it," says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

"But I think it would be exciting with such a project, it would be exciting for the whole country to have an Olympic Games in front of it, if it works."



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18 hours ago, mountainboarder_530@yahoo. said:

I freely admit all the hard work behind the scenes has been impressive for Sweden.  They basically took a corpse of a bid, took pieces of body parts, and is trying to turn Frankenstein's monster on.  

I don't look at it that way.  The bid itself was never the problem.  It was the level of support they had.  This is largely the same plan they've been rolling with (and were considering for 2022 except they got scared off by the thought the IOC would never accept a bid with the alpine events split off at Åre.. needless to say, they probably would have won easily had they stayed in it).

The Swedish Olympic Committee has been behind this the whole time.  They have never wavered.  The substance of the bid has always been there, it just needs the government and the citizens of the country to get on board.  And yes, if the work of the folks on the committee makes that happen, it will be extremely impressive.

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No translation necessary. Very patient but persistent lobbying on the part of SOK is moving things.



Stockholm 2026 holds 'positive' talks with PM and puts out call to Zlatan

Stockholm 2026, the Swedish capital's bid to host that year's winter Olympic Games, said it has held "very positive" talks with the country's prime minister and sports minister this week in the hope of getting their much-needed backing for the campaign.

Stockholm is competing against Milan/Cortina in Italy for the right to stage the games, but neither bid enjoys formal central government guarantees, albeit Christophe Dubi, the International Olympic Committee’s executive director for the Olympic Games, told reporters in Lausanne last month that the IOC would grant “leeway” for the bids to provide guarantees.

However, last month Stockholm did receive the backing of the governors of three of the counties that would stage events if the campaign is successful

Speaking on the sidelines of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships presently under way in Åre, which would hold the Olympic alpine competitions in 2026, Swedish Olympic Committee president Mats Årjes said the Stockholm bid had received "more assurances" from prime minister Stefan Löfven and sports minister Annika Strandhäll.

Richard Brisius, bid chief executive, added: “We believe that now things are moving forward. The meetings that we have had and the opportunities we have had to describe to the departments and the relevant people in the government seem to be going in a very good way.”

Stockholm 2026 has been busy in recent months building up a team of bid ambassadors - top Olympians from the summer and winter games - and is now calling on the services of arguably Sweden's most celebrated athlete, soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, in the hope he will sway IOC voters.

Brisius said: “It would be wonderful if Zlatan would join in the support. I know he is very busy with what he is doing, but I also know that he loves Sweden in a way very few people do.”

Ibrahimovic, who presently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy in USA, has previously appeared for both Internationale and AC Milan, based in the rival bid city.



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