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2032 Olympic logo comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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Do we like cricket?

However much 10cc love it, it can't compare to the adoration of the game in this city - WELCOME TO MUMBAI! 

Wankhede ICC WCF.jpg

We are in one of the finest cricket grounds on the planet - the Wankhede (yes) Stadium in India's largest city to announce our summer logo comp champion for 2019, and although the IOC President & Olympic champion in jousting, 1796, Thomas Bach, is once again in the building, it is surely much more appropriate to hand this important role to the most worshipped god in Mumbai:

Bhagavan Vishnu.jpg

No, not him...I mean Sachin!

Sachin Tendulkar at MRF Promotion Event.jpg

Good evening Mumbai, & GamesBids. This has been a real Test match of a competition, but now all six balls have been bowled, it is over. We've faced a sticky wicket a few times - round 5 certainly provided a googly, but after using the Duckworth-Lewis Method, we have our closing partnership. We know already that the Don Bradman of the logo comps, Paul, has yet another century - he's got almost as many as me now - but this isn't a Test match, we can't have a draw. So, with both his two logos in the corridor of uncertainty, the time has come to see which logo has carried its bat, & which is in cow corner.

The logo with the highest batting average is:


Paul's Mumbai!

Yoshi: Thank you Mr Tendulkar. You can return to the commentary box now to finish your cake. Yes, that settles it, we already knew the title belonged to @paul, but it's now settled that it's his Mumbai leaf that will be his 8th spot on the winners' sig. The final scorecard reads:

A: 6 B: 3.

A decisive victory, & relaxation for me after the winter tie & the round 5 mess :P 

So ends the 12th annual edition of the GB Olympic logo competition, with @JDCLauron & @paul giving a mix of old & new to the winners' enclosure. Once again, thank you to all participants & voters, without whom this couldn't have worked. Special thanks as ever are reserved for the world's finest wombat @Sir Rols, creator of polls, giver of advice, & solver of impasses once again :) I know again, it was quite low-key & long, but it still got a field & votes - & I think it actually went better than last year's. There's a reason this is held when it's held. As always with Olympic crises, you can blame the low general traffic on here on Tommy the swordsman.

So, with congratulations to Paul & JDCLauron, time to wrap this thing up. If I/we do this again, it'll be at the same time next year, number 13 (yes Paul, Denver is pencilled in for if I'm back for #13....not gonna think of any others for months yet). In the meantime, we've got bats, balls, & leftover tequila for everyone, Sachin's ready to teach any uninitiated, & Mr President is volunteering to stand at the crease for anyone who wants bowling practice. Let's have a cricket party!

FAREWELL/विदाई! :)

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Well, while we're on the cricket theme....


Howzat @paul! Congratulations. I must say, I was gunning for your Mumbai from the start and glad it won. I was reconciled to seeing it go, though, in that penultimate round. It looked like it was gonna be the one to drop out, and I'd even begun the final poll on the assumption it would be your Mexico City versus JDC's Mumbai., Then, with just about five minutes to go, I get a frantic PM from Yoshi telling me it's all tied up with all three in a dead heat. LOL! That was unprecedented and one I'd never come up against before. It's those sort of things that make the comps fun and unpredictable. Anyway, really deserved win Paul... as always. You truly are the Don Bradman of the comps (you should google him up).

As for the rest... While it was a bit sad some of the old contenders didn't front up this year, it was great to see a new contender, @JDCLauron, step up to the crease - and then score a win in his maiden over! Well done JDC! Thanks for joining and hope you see you back again for another tilt at the Ashes between you and Paul (or, indeed, any other contender). And thanks @Glacib for always being keen and joining in - I'll be gunning for you to win one yourself soon. And @Scotguy - I was so pleased to see you return for the comp, and I gotta say, I think your Mumbai was the best you've done so far. I sure was barracking for it to advance as far as it could make it.

And finally, a big thanks to the irrepressible @yoshi! It's really only through his sheer optimism and determination to keep the tradition going that the comp still survives - and not only survives, continues successfully every year. I gotta admit, he's proved me wrong - I've tended to be pessimistic about the chances for the comp when he has come to me asking for my opinion on whether to go for it or not. Thanks for persisting and having faith, mate. And well done.

And so, the next is the 13th eh? Hmmmmm. Gotta admit, I'd have a few ideas for that one. You might wanna watch over your shoulder I don't make a comeback for it! :ph34r: Just kidding Yoshi, It's all yours if you wanna stay at it, though I'll certainly be there to feed you a few suggestions.

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Thank you all who entered great work and voted. I'm grateful to yoshi and rols for the opportunity to  play GB logo contest......................................................................................................................................................................................see you next time? -paul


Edited by paul
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2 hours ago, krow said:

cool, good job paul. not my favorite of the 2 choices, but it's a good logo - certainly better than anything candidate cities have come up with in ages, although tokyo's is serviceable. 

...thanks! I was partial to Mexico City too but a few voter from previous round didn't show up. I was happy to see you voting!

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Just got my exams over with...  Here now (finally! -- left myself logged in while I had to study...) to say thanks to Yoshi and Sir Rols for a job well done pulling off this comp... Sorry to see it having to go through that impasse days earlier, but worth the trouble in the end...

Congrats to Paul with his stunning Mumbai logo! Voted for it because of its simplicity and the striking fluidity on the contours made by the fronds...

9 hours ago, krow said:

cool, good job paul. not my favorite of the 2 choices, but it's a good logo - certainly better than anything candidate cities have come up with in ages, although tokyo's is serviceable. 

Yeah, certainly better... Putting subjectivity and application considerations aside, I had to wonder why a logo designer or agency can't pull off a brilliant finishing product (like Paul's here), when no one could stop them from exerting their audacity and grit to do so much to make a masterpiece of a logo. 'Cause I haven't seen that in a while (or have I desensitized myself?)

Year-long clinical clerkship commences by June, will be going round the hospital from then every day and hoping I would get a break to return for next annual comp...

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the cities have money too.... i start to wonder if it's not design by committee that waters down good ideas. IDK what tokyo's first logo was. somewhere at the intersection of brazen and lazy. would have gone far in a comp here a few years ago when the big things were to a) steal and b) use the first letter of the city as inspiration. 

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