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Almaty 2030 logo comp - Ceremonie d’Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Mesdames et Messieurs, veuillez vous tenir debout pour l'hymne national de la République du Kazakhstan!

Ханымдар мен мырзалар! Қазақстан Республикасының мемлекеттік әнұраны үшін тілегіңіз!



What the...I told you we shouldn't have let the Kuwaitis do the protocol. Anyway, we're here, we made it, WELCOME TO ALMATY!


We are in the very scenic (& cold) setting of the Medeo/Medeu stadium for our announcement ceremony, graced by the IOC president & gold medallist in something, sometime, Thomas Bach, & the President of Kazakhstan...actually no, he's stormed off in anthem protest. That's a problem, who will announce the winner now? It's not like we planned for any other famed Kaz...


Borat in Cologne.jpg

Good welcome, & most sincere friendshipful helloings to all of you. My name is Borat Sagdiyev, & it is pleasuring me greatly to be here presenting the winner of great competitive logo-do - Cultural Awares of GamesBids Members For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan! Myself, I feel this should settling in traditional Kazakh way, by (NEIN, ve already talked about zis - Bach). Being from strange other place, you had multiple rounds of pole-dancing instead (Poll VOTING - Bach). Well, whatever. However you people selectioned them, it is with much delight that I make announce of it - the human that has done the winning is:



Yoshi: Thank you Mr Sagdiyev, I think. I wouldn't recommend the mankini in this weather ;) So there it is, a first entry & a first win for @JDCLauron - debuts don’t come better than that. Congrats too to Paul, as strong an entrant as always, yet again showing why his name is on that sig more than anyone else. The score was:

A: 5 B: 5. You’ll see A winning 6-5 on the thread but one voter, lexxiv, was deemed to not have the required posting record. Thus, I had the casting vote, & I chose A simply because I liked its font best, there’s no wrong choice when both would be strong real-world symbols :) 

And with that, part 1 is done! Thank you to everyone who's got involved, without whom this wouldn't be possible - I know this has been quite low-key, but then that goes for the whole board right now. Look, Bach's in the house, blame him. Hopefully this has been a good Christmas/New Year distraction, Particular thanks of course to the designers for putting their ideas up for the GB dissection - the audience may be smaller, but it's still demanding - & of course to @Sir Rols for doing the poll-starting, Borat-pic-making, sounding-boarding etc that makes the comp possible. And of course, congrats once again to @JDCLauron.

 And that's it from Almaty! We may just be back here in actual 2030, but between now & then, we have a Summer Olympic comp to decide! Between Mumbai & Mexico, we will gather tomorrow on neutral ground to determine our shortlist for that one. Until then...oh hold on, what've you found Thomas?

 FAREWELL/Қоштасу! :)

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LOL! Sorry to push you to have to make the tiebreak decision, Yoshi. I always dreaded having to do that when i was in your shoes. It’s always tough trying to stay above the fray.

Congratulations JDC, well done. I always thought your Almaty would come through, which was why I indulged my votes to try to get others I deemed “worthy” through the earlier rounds. Paul, as always, you’re the one everyone has to measure themselves against. I don’t think you’ve ever entered a logo that wasn’t winner-worthy. You keep the comps a true contest of talent.


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Congratulation to LDC and a beautiful winning logo!
Thanks to the member who took time to vote....especially those who supported my design! Also thank you yoshi (and rols) for an awesome job with the comp........i never planned to learn so much about Kazakhstan!

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Woot woot! :D Thanks so much for the greetings!

I thought I've gone into a brilliant kind of logo comp. And there must be no better logo comp than this, by virtue especially of how this was conducted, like previous editions -- from the announcement of the comp prompt to the quality of the submissions to the announcement of the winner (Borat's smile made a good touch on this one.) I'd like to thank and congratulate yoshi and Sir Rols for pulling this off for 12 editions.

Paul's entries, including his Almaty 2030 design, are astounding. The use of brighter hues of cool colors in that logo makes the beholder indeed embrace the winter, and, perhaps, constitute a deviation from the explicit more common use of the "apple" or "apple tree" symbol. In his explanation of the design, I would concur as to its simplicity and its modern feel. I'd like to add to the explanation that featuring the mountainscape on the wheat-shape figure makes an allusion of a "window" or "portal" to Almaty, showing the city's identity and its capabilities to hosting such a massive winter sports event as the Winter Olympics. So, yeah... with such ingenious application on the design, no wonder Paul has made an excellent reputation in this industry because that is greatly reflected in his entries. Sir Rols is right. Keep up the good work, as always!

I want to add, in fewer words than 10, Zurich is a toughie. (But, it has perhaps as much worth as Almaty to be a host city for the event.) My design went too simple, so much that I should've tried "selling this out" with an explanation of the logo and the application of it in venue dressings, banners, field of play elements, look of the games, etc. (But, that time, I had no space in my schedule to do those.)


Anyways, thank you again for the felicitations! I'm ecstatically looking forward to Part 2 with Mexico City and Mumbai! Best of luck! ;)

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