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What if it's a digital reality Olympics?

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Instead of dealing with host cities, and bidding and thousands of Security troops, and villages and venues -- what if the IOC just staged the Olympics in a digital studio?  Make up some mythical city as a background, have actual athletes compete, but in a studio -- and just thrown in the "crowds" and the like, etc.?  You know ... like "300" but set in modern-day Paris or Salt Lake City WITHOUT the real venues?  

OK, shoot the damn thing in studios in Paris and Salt Lake, or wherever?   Let the bidding be for the studio-sites!  OK, sell 20 seats to the public -- but auction those off to the highest bidders online!!

Have Usain Bolt, etc., run on treadmills;  have Phelps, etc., flail in a smaller pool; everything will be cheap. No need for new bobsleigh tracks.  Just let them sit in a bobsleigh, and then fill in the track onscreen!  Make'em even faster than the real thing!  MIGod, they could probably stage a Summer OGs like that for just $30-35 million! -- 1/100th of a $30 billion endeavor!!
This way, we know the Olympics will never be extinct!! 

Also, since these are digitally-aided images, they can make them as GRAND AS CAN BE!  Imagine, stadia of 500,000 people -- of perfectly mixed, universal composition -- all the races and nationalities combined; cheering, hugging, mixing with each other!  WORLD RECORDS could be broken with every new athlete!  I am sure the IOC couldn't ask for more!!

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