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New Poll Shows Support For Calgary 2026 Olympic Bid Weakening

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A new poll commissioned and released by CBC reveals a significant drop in support for Calgary’s 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid. Published Wednesday, the results indicate that 35 percent of eligible voters in Calgary support the bid while 55 percent are opposed with 10 percent undecided. Across the province, however, support is higher with […]

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results indicate that 35 percent of eligible voters in Calgary support the bid

I'm so disappointed with this amateurish bid governance. It's really a shame the great city of Calgary does not have the leadership to organize a financially viable and more honest bid....it's questionable if it is the right economic time for a bid but it's definitely the wrong leadership. I hope Calgary will boom again and come back with a more robust bid that includes funding ALL competition in Alberta.


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The 26 organization arbitrarily slashed their security budget to 445 million to get their last minute funding agreement........ Vancouver 2010, security cost originally estimated at 175 million ended up being the single biggest expense, at nearly $1-billion.

...it sounds like they have not even talked to BC officials to define the budgetary agreement and requirements to use their facilities!?

...in the end with all the mismanagement, guessing, hidden addenda items, moving numbers at will, and bungling leadership I suspect this total games budget will be more like 10 billion or higher.

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Speaking of security;

Scaled back Calgary 2026 Olympics security plan predicted to go over budget


I also find the $495 (Canadian, I gather) to be BS. And also agree with Heine that using volunteers & private security to ‘mitigate’ cost is “implausible”. These people won’t have nearly the same amount of training & expertise as actual police & military protection.


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Looks like this bid is over.

Montreal should make a bid to host the 2030 Winter Games with Lake Placid, Montreal could have one of the ICE Hockey arena in either Quebec City or Ottawa they have the Bell Centre, They could do what Beijing China is doing and have the Curling at the Olympic Pool they just need to build temporary stand and the Olympic pool centre will be out of business for a couple of years for it.

The only thing that Montreal needs to build a speed staking arena which they could build across the road from the Olympic Park and expand the Maurice Richard Arena to host the Short track and figure staking they could build the games village on the Waterfront down the road from the Olympic Park, With the ICE Hockey teams who are playing in either Ottawa or Quebec City they can just book out a hotel for them.

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