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What needs to be done?


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1 hour ago, alphamale86 said:

Maybe instead of doing a host city just simply do a hoist country like the World Cup.

The logistics would be extraordinarily difficult. The 2018 World Cup had roughly 736 players from 32 countries, with teams staying in base camps consisting of a hotel and a training pitch consisting of a grassy field. The 2016 Summer Olympics had 11, 238 athletes from 207 countries, with specialized training facilities needed for the majority of those athletes.

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I've brought up the country-wide bid before and while the logistics would be difficult, it would be far easier for a country-wide bid from the likes of Switzerland or Austria if the IOC ever wants to go back to a traditional winter sports heartland in Europe again. Italy's bid was practically the northern part of the country prior to Turin's exit. A country-wide bid on the summer games side is a bit more complicated, though I think given the costs of the Olympics, if the IOC ever wanted to go to Africa it would have to be a country-wide bid (I brought up South Africa in another thread on this subject). The failure of Calgary with disagreements about Vancouver hosting nordic combined and ski jumping plus Turin's withdrawal from the Italian bid show the challenges of getting a regional bid to work. IMO for a regional bid to work it would require to potential parties involved to begin negotiations at the beginning before a bid was launched. It seemed like Calgary launched their bid then decided during the process that events like curling, ice hockey, and ski jumping might have to be farmed out to other locations as Calgary was launched with the assumption the ski jump towers would be renovated and the city and the Flames would come to an agreement on a new arena. For the SOGs. outside of Africa, the country-wide bid would be more a problem but I certainly would not rule out regional bids much like Germany.

As for what else needs to be done, the influence of the respective sports federations is a huge issue, one that is seemingly being overlooked. They place a great deal of pressure on host cities to build them sparkling new venues that often become white elephants afterwards and when there is push back from a host city, the federations complain to the IOC who double up the pressure on the host city (see what happened with Tokyo and volleyball and rowing when they proposed using existing facilities for both sports). Lower capacities should be allowed as well. There's absolutely no reason that capacity requirements, especially for indoor events, cannot be the same as the Pan Ams or the CWGs. On the SOG side require hosts to use existing facilities, even if they are in another country, for events like slalom canoeing and track cycling, much as the WOGs have done with sliding tracks.


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