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Would a 10-day WOGs seem "cheaper" than a 17-day extravaganza?

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It might be a matter of optics, but if the IOC said that the WOGs would only run 10 days (say, from a Friday to the following Sunday), might it seem cheaper and therefore attract more serious bidders?  I mean the Summer Games are humongous -- stretched out over 17 days (altho, technically, they are so big, they even start 2 days before Opening Ceremony).  

Now, since the WOG slate is also smaller, what if they really cram it into 10 days -- just to remind everyone that the WOGs are smaller logistically, and therefore, should be CHEAPER to stage than the Summer one, might this help the IOC -- even if it were really only optics??  (And the Paralympics should likewise be shrunk accordingly.  Even the Summer Paralympics should also be shrunk; they are merely riding on the IOC's coattails, so they shouldn't be adding more events.)  

(I know that certain days in the 17-day sked allows for back-up days should many of the outdoor events be cancelled due to weather conditions, but that is something organizers will jsut have to adjust to accordingly.  I think the striking contrast between a 17-day festival vs. a 10-day one (without sacrificing any events currently), should impress people as a cheaper show than ANOTHER 17-day extravaganza as well.  

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They can't cram it into 10 days.  Certainly not without sacrificing events.  That would create more problem than it solves.  The issue is what to do with a sliding track or a speed skating oval after the Olympics.  Only so much that can be done with those types of venues where they'll have much of any value.

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Bonkers idea - the Winter Olympics is probably just about right with enough going on each day to be interesting but not so much that you can't follow most things.   They also need spare days in case of poor weather conditions and of course things like hockey and curling need plenty of time for group games too.


If anything the Summer Olympics should be extended, even if just by a day to try and get all events beginning after the Opening Ceremony.   Indeed I'm surprised NBC have never flexed their financial clout to get the Opening Ceremony moved to Thursday Night, traditionally their peak night, rather than airing in what is usually seen a graveyard Friday night slot.

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