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Moving up. . . to the Northside

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As a part-time royalty watcher (oh, the wonders of YouTube)  :D , I was struck by the fact that 3 of the recent additions to the royal houses of Europe, are from the southern hemisphere.  First there was Queen Maxima (formerly of Buenos Aires) marrying King Wilhelm-Alexander of the Netherlands.  Then there was Mary Donaldson of Sydney hooking up with that terribly photogenic Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark; and then Charlene Wittstock (of Zimbabwe/RSA) to chubby Prince Albert of Monaco.  (And all 3 are from different continents.)   

All 3 ladies were commoners and what I find most amazing, were from distant lands across the equator.   Of course, none of this could have happened a century ago, before there was  jet travel. 

The Olympic connection?  Well, #1 - their spouses, the present titular heads of state (or in-waiting as Frederick is), are/were IOC members. 

#2 - At one time or another, BA and Sydney/Melbourne, have competed to host an Olympic Games; and Princess Charlene's native RSA is, of course, bruited as a once-and-future Olympic hopeful host as well. 

#3 - Two of those unions started with meetings during an Olympics or Oly-related event; (as was the current king Carl of Sweden, having meet Silvia (who was a hospitality guide) @ the ill-fated Munich 1972 Olympics.  

And then of course, the latest addition is Meghan Markle of South LA, becoming the latest to be a Windsor and probably the latest mulatta to become a new Euro royal.  [I believe Josephine was a creole from Guadalupe and of course, her hubby, that Corsican Napolean Bonaparte, became a self-styled "Emperor."]  There also was the case of reverse migration of British commoner Ruth Williams who married King Seretse Khama of Botswana, moving from  the UK to Africa.  Their story is the subject of the film, A UNITED KINGDOM - a decent movie.)  

Strange, huh?  Now, about those revolving restaurants . . . 

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