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No Olympics!

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Okay, this is about the last place where you would find anti-Olympics curmudgeons (though a few have cropped up from time to time), and few of us are going to agree with many of the arguments presented, but in my researches I just came across these papers presented by an Australian academic arguing against the Olympics. Thought it would be interesting to get members' views on his arguments.

10 Reasons to Oppose All Olympic games

Design Flaws of the Olympics

Very ideological, IMO, especially when he starts going on about the Olympics encouraging spectatorism, which is a prop for the dominant value system (!?). Guess the guy doesn't like any sports at all. Love his statement that stamp collecting and community gardening do more for international peace and cooperation than the games.

Interestingly, he never brought up the few anti-Olympics arguments that many here would actually recognise and acknowledge _ the cost burden of hosting a games and building facilities  and the security aspects and risks the games place on their hosts.

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