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On Solid Ground: Jean-Pol Bouharmont - 23Sep21 - CEO Magazine

“The economic prospects of Brisbane’s role as host city of the 2032 Olympics are tantalising for the state capital’s rapidly growing population and also for the many organisations that could reasonably expect to see a boost in business as the world comes here to visit and participate.”

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1 hour ago, StefanMUC said:

Times have changed.


58 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

I think Coates just did the same thing for the other "B" city - Brisbane 2032. :D   If Coates weren't well place in the IOC Exec Board, Brisbane would not have been front and center. 


7 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

John Coates is the Australian Olympic Committee and was a key figure in the Bids for the 2000, 2028 and 2032 Games as the NOC President in his country. The 2028 bid began in 2015 and wholly within Agenda 2020 which was introduced by the IOC in 2014.

Brisbane’s latest efforts to land the Games first started in 2015 when the Mayors of South East Queensland got together with a Pre-Feasibility Study of a potential South East Queensland bid for the 2028, later switched to 2032.

Since then the bid has been continually rolling along with further studies, gathering support of all three levels of governments and the main opposition political party, the general public, right through the New Norm announcment in 2018 and then COVID in 2020.  Six years in the making.

John Coates He is also one of four IOC Vice-Presidents but did not participate or vote in the Future Host Commission nor in any IOC Executive Board assessment or deliberations or recommendations resulting from the Future Host Commission about 2032 candidatures in the Continuous Dialogue phase nor the later Targeted Dialogue phase.

Any President if a NOC would be expected to be heavily involved in a Bid from their own country whether or not they have a position in the IOC, whether they are an IOC Member, Vice-President or President.

The IOC procedures are very clear around this and those procedures were enacted.

John Coates, as required by the IOC, stood aside and did not participate nor was a member of the Future Host Commission nor was he allowed to be present in any deliberations or Votes by the EB or the IOC Full Session Vote in Tokyo when the Games were Voted on.


3 minutes ago, StefanMUC said:

Did you have to mention the C-man's name? That was only going to trigger yet another incessant rant...

Times have changed in Spain though - especially considering the Catalan indepence movement and probably much less will to bow to yet another Samaranch's personal ambitions.

Hardly a rant.

A statement of the facts.



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Queensland cruising industry could be restarted as state records local case - 23Sep21 - Brisbane Times

“Queensland’s Premier has held a press conference in the virtually unused Brisbane International Cruise Terminal to announce that the state’s shut-down cruising industry could be brought back to life.”

“Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Thursday the terminal, in Pinkenba near the airport, would host a new vaccination centre, which would open seven days a week and cater particularly to port, airline and other employees of industries in the area, although it would also be open to the public.”


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Brisbane 2032 Olympics: Bid to lure more sporting bodies to city - 23Sep2021 - The Courier Mail

“Major sporting organisations would be lured to Queensland ahead of Brisbane’s 2032 Olympics under a bold plan to cement the state as Australia’s sporting capital.”

“A flurry of sporting organisations including the Australian Olympic Committee, AusCycling and Water Polo Australia are eyeing a shift to Queensland before the opening ceremony in 11 years, and could be offered cash incentives to do so.”

“There are also calls for the Australian Institute of Sport to expand its presence in the Olympic state, with the institute’s innovation and administration hubs thought to be the most likely to shift north.”

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Time-lapse video of the temporary competition pool installation for the US Olympic Swimming Trials earlier this year at the CHI Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

This same technology will be used at the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the new Brisbane Arena.

                  >> Click here to view Time Lapse video <<





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Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games - Queensland Premier’s State of the StateAddress - 29Sep2021

( excerpt from the address )

“That is just a small snapshot of the continuing strength and diversity of the Queensland economy.

“0But Queensland’s greatest single economic opportunity comes from hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Idoubt I have ever been more proud than the moment that decision was announced.”p

It was the culmination of years of hard work.

I am thankful for the strong support from the Lord Mayor, the people in this room, the business community and people around the state.

Hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games  has never been about a few weeks of competition.

It is about the next 10 years of investment and development in preparation for the Games and 10 years of celebration afterwards.

The questions for us are: what sort of Queensland do we want the world to see?

And what do we do now to achieve it?


We know our state is already blessed with some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world.

But Queensland is more than just a pretty face.

This is what attracted the attention of the International Olympic Committee and what we must show the world.

We have the opportunity to showcase Queensland as a trusted and reliable trading partner with

-           The renewables above the ground and critical minerals below the ground to be a clean energy superpower

-           A pristine environment with the Great Barrier Reef as the centrepiece

-           A destination for leading research, international education and professional services;

-           Affordable energy and lower taxes; and

-           The freshest, cleanest and greenest agricultural industry in the world, plus

-           A stunning and diverse tourism destination including our First Nations heritage

-           And the opportunity to support our regions with procurement and participation in supply chains.

Everyone has fond memories of the 2000 Sydney Games.

Wait till the world finds out there are even better parts of Australia not just in Sydney.


The direct economic benefits of the Games are considerable - estimated at $8.1 billion for the Queensland economy and 91,600 jobs.

The infrastructure we will build is not FOR the games but IN TIME for them.

The Olympics have always been about peace and unity and that has certainly been our experience.

I’ve never seen so much peace and unity between all levels of government and all sides of politics - at least when it comes to the Olympics.

2032 is our light on the hill, focusing governments on projects our cities need for the 21st century and beyond.


One of the greatest examples of vision, innovation and Queensland talents can be seen in our idea to use the Gabba as the ‘home’ of our games.

Brisbane firm Populous – builders of stadiums around the world – identified a way athletes can prepare for their events in a park near the Pineapple Hotel with a link to the stadium.

To labour a well-worn phrase, this was a game changer.

The Gabba has more than a century of history.

It’s a workhorse, already in use 40 weeks of the year.

A raised pedestrian plaza - itself an Olympic venue - would connect the Gabba to the Cross River Rail station already under construction nearby.

Right now, beneath our city, huge machines are tunnelling through the rock creating our first underground rail network.

It’s a huge project supporting 7,700 jobs.

Cross River Rail adds 10 kilometres to our rail network and six new stations further connecting our Olympic venues.

It means the Gabba will be a two minute train ride from a new Albert Street station in the CBD, something few Olympic cities can boast.

It also connects to the rest of our rail network providing access for people of all levels of mobility from right across the region forevermore.

Together with the Brisbane Live venue at the upper end of Roma Street, we will have 8 Olympic competition venues hosting 14 sports, all within walking distance of each other, connected by hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants and world class hotels.

The 300-hectare Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area - the proposed site for the Brisbane Olympic Village - will be transformed along with the Gold Coast Olympic Village at Robina and provide for further housing into the future.

In total there will be 21 venues in Brisbane, seven on the Gold Coast and four on the Sunshine Coast.

There will be opportunities for events at the North Queensland stadium in Townsville, for athlete training in Cairns and Mackay, and events across other regional centres including Logan, Toowoomba, Redlands and Ipswich to name a few.

The 2032 Brisbane Olympics puts Queensland on the map for business investment globally.

Just as the 2000 Olympic Games did for Sydney and New South Wales.

In 2024 there will be the Paris Olympics and in 2028 the LA Olympics followed by the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

We have the most to gain in global business of any Games host over the past 30 years.

Not since Barcelona in 1992 has an Olympic host been better able to capitalise on hosting a games.

That’s what we get by showcasing Queensland on the world stage.

Queensland becomes the Olympic State and Brisbane becomes the Olympic City.


Perhaps the greatest legacy of these games will not be measured by money.

But it could be measured in Gold.

Every four years the Olympic flame summons new generations of athletes.

The next Cedric Dubler.

Emma McKeon, Peter Bol, Ashleigh Moloney and Ariarne Titmus  are out there right now – children and teenagers who will be in their prime in 11 years’ time.

They’re already running extra laps of the oval.

Swimming extra laps of the pool.

Bringing these games to Queensland just brings their dreams closer.

In Tokyo Queenslanders won three quarters of Australia’s gold medals - 13 of the 17 golds.

If Queensland was a nation, we would have ranked seventh in the world ahead of the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.

I hope many of you will be able to join me and the Lord Mayor next Friday to officially welcome home our Olympic and Paralympic athletes in King George Square.

As I said in Tokyo, the Olympic Story is Queensland’s story.

It’s about optimism, hard work and determination.

Like Logan Martin who built his own BMX course in his backyard before winning gold in Tokyo.

We’re investing more than $29 million over the next two years to kickstart a transformational 2032 High Performance Sport Strategy delivered by the Queensland Academy of Sport.

The Academy is on a mission to find more talented athletes, wherever they live in Queensland, and support them on their journey.


Three years ago at CEDA I talked about a golden age for Queensland.

That’s exactly what lies ahead - not just on the sporting field but for our economy.

At the next sitting of parliament, I will introduce legislation that will establish the organising committee for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This is a key step forward – and the first of many.


Ten years ago, we were getting our first iPads.

Harry Potter was still in school.

10 years is both a long time and the blink of an eye.

We have 10 years – or 3,950 days to be exact – before the Olympic and Paralympic Games to get ready.

To harness and direct all the energy of everyone who wants to share the dream.

I believe we can do it.

As the Olympic motto says: faster, higher, stronger.

And, most importantly: let’s do it together.”


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All eyes on Brisbane, but NRL grand final still just a dress rehearsal - 2Oct21 - Brisbane Times


  • Brisbane Olympic Games Organising Committee:     this month Premier Anasatcia Ms Palaszczuk will introduce legislation in State Parliament to set up BOCOC.
  • In just over decade from now, Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • “Not since Barcelona in 1992 has an Olympic host been better able to capitalise on hosting a Games,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk reminded everyone in her State of the State address on Thursday.

  • The multibillion-dollar City Deal between all levels of government needs to be sorted out.

  • All projects supporting the Games need to be identified, chosen, designed, approved, re-examined, tendered, built and tested.

  • Decisions on the Gabba upgrade need to made, along with the fast rail proposal after a lukewarm reception so far.

  • Brisbane City Council:   Its Brisbane Metro megabus project might link to Brisbane Airport with its new international terminal by the time the Olympics roll around.

  • The Queensland government’s underground Cross River Rail project will better link the coasts and provide improved links to Brisbane sports and entertainment venues, although how much remains a matter of contention.

  • Transport Minister Mark Bailey said, in the first instance, it would make catching buses and trains to Olympic venues easier

  • “Commuters catching the train will be able to get from the CBD to the main Olympics stadium at the Gabba in less than five minutes, or get out of the Roma Street underground and head to the Brisbane Olympics venue that will be built in that precinct for the Games,” Mr Bailey said.

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Queensland Premier announces herself as Minister for the 2032 Olympics - 7Oct21 - Brisbane Times

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will be the minister for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

New ministerial roles were announced on Thursday at Government House, as the state government said there was “no time to waste” in preparing for the Games.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles will be the Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics Infrastructure.


Treasurer Cameron Dick will be Minister for Trade and Investment, while Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe will be the Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement.

“Hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the biggest single transformational project in Queensland’s history,” Ms Palaszczuk said.


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Coventry to chair IOC Coordination Commission for Brisbane 2032 - 7Oct21 - Inside The Games


Kirsty Coventry has been appointed to chair the International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission for Brisbane 2032.

The Zimbabwean swimmer is a seven-time Olympic medallist and became a full IOC member at the organisation's Session in Tokyo in July, coinciding with her term as chair of the IOC Athletes' Commission coming to an end.


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Key positions so far: 

International Olympic Committee

  • Chair of Brisbane 2032 Coordination Commission:  Kirsty Coventry 

Brisbane Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

  • Chair: ? 

Queensland Government

  • Minister for the Olympics:  Premier Anastacia Paluszczuk
  • Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics Infrastructure:  Deputy Premier Steven Miles
  • Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement:  Treasurer Cameron Dick

Australian Government:

  • Special Envoy for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Ted O’Brien MP

 Brisbane City Council

  • Lord Mayor Adam Shrinner

 Gold Coast City Council

  • Mayor Tom Tate

 Sunshine Coast Council

  • Mayor Mark Jamieson
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Is there any involvement from the federal government in the organisation at all or is the Games  entirely being done at state level - if so, would that be a first, a sub-national entity organising an Olympics without national level involvement?

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20 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Is there any involvement from the federal government in the organisation at all or is the Games  entirely being done at state level - if so, would that be a first, a sub-national entity organising an Olympics without national level involvement?

As part of the funding from the Commonwealth, they wanted a 50/50 say on decision making for the games including BOGOC

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