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IOC Executive Board Recommends Calgary, Milan-Cortina and Stockholm 2026 Olympic Bids To Move Forward – Erzurum Is Out


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/\/\ I suspect the Swedish Olympic Committee has friends in the opposition who have told them to just go ahead and when the opposition becomes the ruling coalition (soon, I hope), then they can officially announce their support.  If the SOC did not have hidden promises from at least one side, they wouldn't be proceeding to go forward.  

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46 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

I wonder if the IOC is just waiting for one of the candidates to drop off, then pull a 2017 all over again going "Bah screw this and lets give the 2026 and 2030 games to the last remaining two cities". 

Calgary is the most obvious choice, unless, like i said before, the new swedish govt which should be formed pretty soon does a 180° and suddenly supports the games (i'm not really sure if the SD and Centre Right party support the olympics so if anyone knows about what's their position about it, please let us know)

I think the Sweden Democrats would support the bid as a way to boost Swedish Pride the Sweden Democrats if the Centre right block form government Nationally then it could be very good for the Stockholm bid, If Sweden Democrats do support the bid the sliding events will be in Sweden I don't think they will want to co host with Lativa. It's just mainly European lefties which is really anti Olympic Games however for the Paris 2024 bid the trade unions supported the bid as a good way to support the workers employment Sweden don't really have a big strong Union movement right now.

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Right, & where is Sweden suppose to build a new sliding track. Let’s remember why the IOC is in this big a mess TBW, bcuz (western) countries are no longer willing to splurge big money on this “three-week party”, as some like to call it.

And like I’ve said all along, even if the Swedish government (& that’s still a big ‘if’ at this point) decides to back the Stockholm bid in the end, the citizens there will eventually want to have.a say in the matter, too - i.e. referendum. And if history still holds true over there, then it ain’t gonna be too promising. Especially when all of the sudden an expensive new sliding track was to get proposed, when there’s a perfectly suitable one to use right across the Baltic sea in Latvia. The IOC likely won’t endorse it anyway (as they shouldn’t). They’ll prob say, keep it in Sigulda.

As much as I would like to see a Stockholm Winter Games, like I’ve also said all along about the Swiss, too, I’ll believe in a Scandinavian Olympic bid when I finally get to actually see one on the voting ballot.

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Calgary is also facing a referendum in just over a month. And apparently, some recent online poll doesn’t look too supportive. So they’re also far from an obvious choice at this point, too. And Milan/Cortina also doesn’t have national government support. 

So Plan-B, regardless of what Bach is saying right now (if all three of these bids fall to the wayside), will involve the IOC ringing the USOC (& SLC) & saying “hey, we need you. Please save our collective (winter) a$ses again.” Or even if one of these bids survive, I suspect the USOC would still be getting a call about 2030. Cuz I don’t think the IOC is willing to go through yet another sh!tshow of a bid process, for what, the fifth time in a row.

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This is gonna be fun to watch..

Swedish NOC: Yes! A change in government! Hopefully they supp-

New Parliament: Nope.




Swedish Public: Stop it right there. We want a referendum.


*referendum fails*


No way is Stockholm making it to the final ballot. No. Way. Just not possible.

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Sorry, busy cracking myself with that. Anyways, How is there a way for Stockholm to make it to the final ballot. The only way I can see them making it to the ballot is if a pro-olympics dictator takes over before January. That gives me an idea! And then that whole "Western Democracy" thing is going to be lost. It's a lose-lose for the IOC in terms of Sweden and Stockholm.

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Calgary, Stockholm or Milan/Cortina d'Ampezzo: The race for the 2026 Winter Olympics is on

The International Olympic Committee has three official candidates to host the 2026 Winter Games and a new timetable to pick the winner.

Now the Olympic body needs to overcome "bad faith" — of local people and activists who believe staging the games is too expensive — to ensure all three candidates stay on the ballot next June, IOC members were told Tuesday.

"We have to make a huge effort in explaining ourselves better," IOC vice president Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr. said Tuesday. "It is not getting across with sufficient strength."

The 2026 Olympics contest is between Calgary, Canada; Stockholm, Sweden; and the combined Italian bid of Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo after IOC members formally backed the bids recommended last week by their executive board.

A fourth contender, Erzurum in Turkey, was dropped by the board last week amid concern about high spending on essential projects.

Calgary, which also hosted in 1988, could yet drop out after a Nov. 13 referendum. Full support of federal and local governments is also not guaranteed in Sweden or Italy.

These are the latest public tests of trust in Olympic hosting since Russia spent $51 billion to prepare for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.

Voters in Switzerland and Austria already toppled potential 2026 bids. Recent Olympic hosting contests saw bids fail due to public opposition or government doubts in Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.

Boston also was briefly in the 2024 Olympics contest, before Los Angeles stepped in and was awarded the 2028 edition.

IOC member Alex Gilady of Israel blamed it on a "very few, very noisy people" who want to harm the Olympics in a debate on Tuesday about creating more flexible bid races and more efficient hosting projects.

Samaranch, who led the IOC panel studying 2026 contenders, suggested some opposition was by "people that do that on bad faith," and urged Olympic officials to fight with facts.

"Be ready to debate with whoever because we are very much right," Samaranch told fellow members. "The magic of the Olympic Games, the good things, do not come at a significant financial burden, or risk for the communities that will host us."

Earlier, members were told the three candidates are set to have an average operations budget of $1.7 billion — $300 million less than the 2022 Beijing Winter Games

"Any of the three would be a very good trustworthy partner for us," said Samaranch, promising no unwanted "white elephant" venues.

"Nothing that will come out of '26 will make us feel ashamed in '46," said the Spanish official. "They have been able to produce projects that make sense for their communities and their administrators and their politicians."

The 2016 election timetable has been brought forward three months due to the Italian bid.

Because Milan is a candidate, it cannot host the IOC annual meeting including the 2026 vote that was scheduled next September.

The IOC agreed to stage the next meeting in its home city of Lausanne, Switzerland, around the June 23 inauguration of its new $200 million headquarters.



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4 hours ago, mountainboarder_530@yahoo. said:

so Calgary vs Milan/Cortina.  Will we have someone jump on this grenade???  Its looking like Canada is reluctantly more willing, slightly........and thats not saying much

If Italy pulls out before November 13 then Calgary Votes NO then it will be interesting, Open up the bidding again let Almaty Kazakhstan in? Back to South Korea or a double China with Harbin 2026? 

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