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Gamesbids. World Leader?

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When i first came to this site i saw it a some tacky website with very little to offer an under educated mind like my own.

Since then, i have come to realise the balance of power and how much of an influence this site is.

Again, this was brought to my attention today... as i look through Perths daily paper.. "The West Australian".. something largely focus on LOCAL news rather then overseas drama's.

Even still i stumble across this article.

"Paris Has Champagne On Hold"

-Anxious wait in France as London makes late run for 2012 Olympics-

Paris has the champagne on ice but history tells the french not to pop the corcks until, IOC President, Jacques Rogge, tells the world tonight which of the five bidding cities has won the right to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.

As the five hopeful cities charge down the homestretch after wooing and wining the 144 delegates, London seems to be realing in frontrunner Paris, Madrid is not within a bulls roar, the Big Apple has turned rotten and Moscow, as predicted, has stumbled..fallen.

The foyers of the famous Raffles complex in Singapore is host to the intrigue and machinations of the Olympic vote, which the result, Rogge will annouce tonight at 7:30pm.

(The article then goes on to speak of previous upsets..yada yada)

A London bookmaker William Hill, has Paris at 1-4, London 11-4, followed by Madrid at 14-1, New York at 33-1 and Moscow at 50-1.

BidIndex, a model developed by the world leaders and experts in Olympic bid coverage, Gamesbids.com, also has Paris as the favourite. It is compraised of over 100 critial fundamentals and information obtained from experts and Olympic insiders.

New Yorks index recently slipped 0.54 to 57.59. while Paris steamed ahead sitting omn 65.07. Madrid on 61.22, Moscow on 49.58 and London 64.18.

Bar from being comfortable, Paris still recognises there is still many things to achieve before success is seen.


A petty local news paper bowing down at the hands of an internet site based on Olympic bid operation?

This then raises the question, is Gamesbids.com the most important/successful/best Olympic source outside of the IOC?

*Note, article on inside back cover.

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Gamesbids was also on the news here in BC when the new logo came out. They quoted several people that were complaining about the logo and showed to screen on the TV. It was really neat and surprising.
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I believe I saw GBModerator on TV, just about a day before the vote. I hope that this website catches more eyes that want more information about the Olympic Games.
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