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Why are you here

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Guest ryan04

well seeing about half of the members here will log in within the next 24 hours, i thought i would help kill time so why are you here at gamesbids?

1) where did you find out about gamesbids?

2) are you here becuse of the love of the games or did you join becuse you supported and Olympic bid

3) when did you join (ex. Athens 2004, or 2012 bids race) or other

4) are you going to kepp posting after tomorrow


for me:

1) http://www.janecky.com/olympics/ is where i found out about gamesbids

2) love of the games

3) Athens 2004 - i think i joined the day before the closing

4) yes

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i found it in google i think..dont remember too much.

Join in 2004 Olympic games..or after themm..i still dont remember

Love for the games..

I will continue posting here..but obviously, winter bids are not so interesting for me.

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