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Athens Legacy?

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Please Baron...isn't this supposed to be a Celine Dion free forum?  :help:


Notice how in this pic her head goes back...and to the left? Methinks there was a second gunman  :wwww:

Oh my god - I seriously just lost a mouthful of Coke (Atlanta's REAL legacy to the Olympic movement!  HA!) over that second gunman theory...

Best! Post! This! Week!



:shocked:  :wwww:  :alien:

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"the cost left Greece with a budget deficit of 6.1 percent of gross domestic product in 2004, breaching the European Union's cap of 3.0 percent."

6.1% of GDP is a huge amount! I didn't realise it hit the economy that hard!


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We already knew that there was absolutely no plan for the use of the stadiums after the Games.

We had the hope that the new government would speed up things, but unfortunately they focused on other matters (they increased the VAT from 18% to 19%, and now they want to make it 21%, they want to change the 8 working hours per day to 12, they want to change the age for pension to 65 etc), and they couldn't handle the success of the Games for the benefit of Greece.

People don't forget, and when they time comes (elections) they will be punished.

How right do I look now on that damn roof!!!!

What was that, like two hundred and fifty million Euro? To have a "cool" roof.

Yes, it did look nice, but it made no sense...We need to bring that out of the archives...

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I guess the Athens legacy now over there is not evident, according to that GB article.
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