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Winter 06 Olympic movie quiz


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MOvie quiz time.  Will confirm answers when someone gets them all right.

1. A movie about two British runners prepping for Paris’s 1924 Summer Olympic Games won four Oscars in 1981, including best picture, best original screenplay and best original score, for a theme song by Vangelis. Name the film.

a.  Prefontaine

b.  Without Limits

c. Chariots of Fire

d.  Running Brave

e.  On the Edge

2. What happens in the surrealist Olympic satire Million Dollar Legs (1932), starring W.C. Fields?

a.  The nearly bankrupt country of Klopstokia, whose athletic citizenry can leap over houses and outrun motorcycles, enters the Games. Hilarity ensues.

b.  A kangaroo enters the long jump. Mirth follows.

c.  The mob has the fix in for the U.S. soccer team. Amusement develops.

d.  A woman enters the decathlon disguised as a man. Jollity proceeds.

e.  A swimming horse enters the 100-metre freestyle. Glee is the consequence.

3. What actor — arguably the silver screen’s best-known Tarzan — won five gold medals in swimming at the 1924 and 1928 Summer Olympics?

a.  Buster Crabbe

b.  Johnny Weissmuller

c.  Lex Barker

d.  Bruce Bennett

e.  Glenn Morris

4. The documentary Olympia, sometimes interpreted as Nazi propaganda (although produced at the behest of the International Olympic Committee), tells the story of the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin. What legendary German filmmaker directed it?

a.  Fritz Lang

b.  Werner Herzog

c.  F.W. Murnau

d.  Leni Riefenstahl

e.  Rainer Werner Fassbinder

5. Fill in the blank: Screen legend Cary Grant’s final role came in the movie Walk, Don’t Run. This Three’s Company-esque romantic comedy was framed around a housing shortage during the 1964 Summer Games, which were held in .  

a.  Mexico City

b.  Rome

c.  Montreal

d.  Athens

e. Tokyo

6. Downhill Racer (1969) tells the story of a stubborn U.S. skier who wins an Olympic gold medal. At the time, its star actor’s career was just gaining momentum; now, he is widely known as a golden boy film festival founder. Who is he?

a. Jack Nicholson

b.  Robert Redford

c. Burt Reynolds

d.  William Shatner

e.  Peter Fonda

7. Miracle (2004) recounts Team U.S.A.’s stunning hockey victory over the U.S.S.R. at Lake Placid’s 1980 Winter Games. Play-by-play announcer Al Michaels’s famous “Do you believe in miracles?” call was utilized in its original form, but Michaels and his broadcast partner — a former NHLer and current member of Canadian Parliament — re-recorded most of their work on the game for the movie. Who was Michaels’s colour commentator?  

a.  Ken Linseman

b.  Ken Baumgartner

c.  Ken Dryden

d.  Ken Daneyko

e.  Ken Wregget

8. In The Cutting Edge, frosty figure skater Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly) blows her chance for glory at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary. But romance blossoms with her new partner, a fish out of water named Doug Dorsey (D.B. Sweeney). An eye injury had forced Dorsey to give up what sport?

a.  Hockey

b.  Luge

c.  Ski Jumping

d.  Bobsled

e.  Curling

9. What country’s bobsledding participation in the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary inspired the John Candy classic Cool Runnings?

a. Cuba

b.  Dominican Republic

c.  Barbados

d.  The Bahamas

e. Jamaica

10. One Day in September won the 2000 Oscar for best documentary. What dark moment in Olympic history does it recount?

a. The Ben Johnson drug scandal at the 1998 Summer Games in Seoul

b.  The disqualification of a Soviet pentathlete for using a rigged épée during a fencing competition at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal

c. The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich

d. The 1904 marathon champion who hitched a ride in a car for 11 miles of his race

e.  The emperor Nero being declared chariot-racing champion in A.D. 67, despite falling out of his carriage and not finishing the race

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Here are my proposals:

1) c - Chariots of fire

2)b- A kangaroo....( I dont have a clue!)

3)b - Johnny Weissmuller

4)b- Werner Herzog

5)e- Tokyo

6)b- Robert Redford (I didnt see the movie but your clues were too easy!)

7)-c Ken Dryden

8)b - luge

9)e- Jamaica

10)c- the massacrre of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich 72

Not sure for everything but it shouldnt be bad :;):

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