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2018 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

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We have the last 8 teams in this gloriously odd World Cup, but of course only 4 can go a little closer to the trophy. Here are the matches:

Friday: France v Uruguay, Brazil v Belgium

.Saturday: Sweden v England, Russia v Croatia

Again, the winners of each day's matches will meet each other in the semi-finals. Yes, this is a tournament of two halves. 


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Martinez's tactics will come unstuck against Brazil. I think Brazil will score 3.

France v Uruguay is harder to predict. I think France were flattered by Argentina. Tempted to say a draw.

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Both teams going about things the right way, in the right spirit. Sorry to see Sweden go.

Superb, professional performance from England though and for the first time in I don't know how long I wasn't nervous for most of that. Lovely, lovely stuff.


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44 minutes ago, Rob. said:

Russia OUT

England v Croatia

France v Belgium

And I stupidly booked a holiday for next weekend.

I feel your pain. This tournament has played havoc with my study schedules this summer.

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Admit it, how many out there predicted this outcome for semis? :P 

Sad for Lat Am and Spain for failing on this World Cup, but maybe this will make them wake up and smell the coffee for 2022.

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