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2018 FIFA World Cup Second Round of Last 16

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Choose your preferred name :p 

Yes, it gets really serious now! Only 16 matches left of Russia 2018, & they are all winner-takes-all. Here are the 8 games in round two:

Saturday: France v Argentina, Uruguay v Portugal. 

Sunday: Spain v Russia, Croatia v Denmark. 

Monday: Brazil v Mexico, Belgium v Japan. 

Tuesday: Sweden v Switzerland, Colombia v England. 

A selection of tasty fixtures there...the winners of each day's matches will meet each other in the quarter-finals. 

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The world cup is about to get even better, now that they've finally got rid of this fucking orc, who should had never been allowed to assist on the first place.


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I actually feel bad for Uruguay. Cavani was their top player and the one who scored the two goals against Portugal, and he might not recover in time for the match with France. 

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I know many here would like that Russia actually cheated. In all honestly, Spain was plagued with lot of issues: Kicking out the coach just two days before the WC started, a goalkeeper who can't catch a ball even if his life depended on it, an absolutely terrible defense, struggling to beat second rate teams like Morocco and Iran. Spain was doomed from the very start to lose, only that they were too prideful to realize it. 

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