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The first GB Olympic slogan competition!

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One World, One Dream

Welcome Home

Light The Fire Within

Share The Spirit

Passion. Connected.

Inspire A Generation


Yes. They make us cringe, they make us laugh, they make us wonder if the Sydney 2000 committee was suggesting we split a bottle of vodka with them.




Those annoying blurbs that every city insists on having. 

Now it is your turn to  nonsensically sum up a 2+ week sporting event in a few words.

To enter you have to come up with mottos for the next three Games hosts - 

2024 Paris

2026 Erzurum

2028 Los Angeles

We will then vote or do a poll for each host and I will then send the respective host/bid committee an email with our suggestion.  Any responses will be posted here.



You have to enter with all three. They must be in English - you can translate them if you want to look like a wanker but since my French is spotty (Je voudrais un tomate salade et une coca cola garcon) and my Turkish worse (Erdogan. Kebab) I need it in English.

You have until May 30. (I'm on holidays June 4-10 so will let the poll/votes run during that window probably.)

One entry per username.

Try to be original.

You can use whatever font you want but being fancy won't win you any friends.

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2024 Paris : Light the Dream on Fire

2026 Erzurum : Who knew?

2028 Los Angeles : Nuestro estadio cuesta más que todas tus Olimpiadas ... y aún obtuvimos ganancias ...viva The Angels.*

*English version: Our stadium costs more than your entire Olympics ... and we still made a profit ... live Los Angeles.



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I guess i cant go on about having a comp and not enter so here goes....my entries:

Paris 2024 - 'Because we're worth it'

Ezurum 2026 - 'Continents United'

LA 2028 - 'Welcome to the World'

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