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The Olympic Spirit


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Hello Everybody how is everybody doing,

We have seen in the last month London mircalous victory to host the 2012 Olympic games, and then horrific attack by these cowardly terrorists in order to demeanor our way of life. We are just a few days away before the race of the 2014 winter olympics begins - and i like to apologize if my post in the moscow 2012 board about the Russian 2014 bid was a bit critical or childish. We also have the nearing of the 2006 Turin Olympics next year and the 2008 beijing olympics gaining momentum going to be held in the next 3 years. So as you can see its quite hectic - in the olympic world, and its always good to be apart of it...

Okay to my point, I was doing some assignment about the olympic spirit and I already done a report, and for my presentation, I have planned to do a short two to three minute movie using windows media maker or nero movie maker.

So I am asking if any of you have any bid movies of anything or any movies at all pertaining the olympic spirit.

I at first planning to do a tribute to do the 2012 race, in which was exciting and good, but may expand it to incorporate some stuff of the olympic spirit. So if you have an just send me the link of the website or if the movie is not that big just email me.

Umm also what other movie editing program is good, because i need to find how to use quicktime movies in order to use them in movie.

Thanks in adavance...

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hi... here is a video of the athens 2004 international torch relay. it is for the athens 2004 international torch relay but also about the olympic spirit... i find it great...

Athens 2004 International Torch Relay

thanks for that

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