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Closing Ceremony Gold Coast 2018 CWG

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2 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Um, it's 11:01 - they've just crossed to Crammy in the stadium & there's a very excited warmup announcer going mad & loads of people  on the infield - are the athletes already in, Paralympics style? And when does it actually start?

I'm not sure that even the organisers know the answer to that !

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3 minutes ago, yoshi said:

And we're off! Amy Shark is a fantastic name. 

Waaaaa...That's the coolest name ever!!!! (Deadpool)

But what a friggin soppy song!!!

Oh and we are going to have some creepy little kid as MC...What is it with Aussie's fascination with young kids as the centerpiece of these shows!!!

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1 minute ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:


Hey, you try writing and performing something like that at 13 !

Yeah I'm not into this closing ceremony s***. Haven't seen one since 2002 (which was pretty good.) pretty much kids are the future cliche crap... 


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