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Sports and General News, Rivalry... etc.

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:huh: Just wondering where are the regular CWGs contributors from the UK and others from around the Commonwealth

No separate threads has been set up. Love to hear from England, Scotland and Wales as they were great contributors four years ago.

Anything to do with the GC Games, sports, minor sports, antics - there will always be, results, out and about etc.

Dump it here -




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:D Loving the "Look" of the Gold Coast games...

It really is an outstanding venue...Probably a little too into Autumn thanks to the Winter Olympics. Would have been great in March.

Still The GC is the GC and proves that the Regional Concept works for keeping costs low (compared to other OTT spend ups).

Something I did notice are the continued to be full stadiums and venues...Ok it's the weekend but this has continued the theme of the locals really embracing the Games. A theme that has kept going since 2002. 

I can remember the last time NZ hosted them in 1990 and seeing a near empty stadium and apathy from Kiwis. I would think that attitudes have changed in 28 years...I wonder if a regional games can be had here in NZ? Who knows?



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Well, I’ve been catching more of the games than I expected this weekend - a sick hubby means I’ve also been stuck at home - and I gotta say, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by what I’ve seen. The venues and atmosphere have been looking really great - I’m actually loving the look. The weather’s been sparkling - no worries about autumn, summer has been hanging around too long in the Oz eastern states this year. I wish it WAS more autumn-like, getting a bit over heat and humidity that refuses to go. And anyway, I think the closest the Gold Coast gets to what we tend to think of as autumn is in their mid-winter.

As an Aussie, we were always half prepared for the Gold Coast to come off cheap and tacky. It’s still early days, but dare i say it, it seems the GC is almost a perfect fit for the Commies, and are doing it with more class than i would have given it credit for.

Still yet to see the OC. But then again, still yet to see the bulk of Melbourne’s 2006 OC as well (I was out of the country for that one).

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Halfway through the Games and you can clearly see the gulf between the two superpowers of sport...and the rest of us. It also shows the reason why there is a lack of interest outside UK and Australia hosting them. 

Canada holds third place on overall medals although the table only figures Gold as currency. At the moment India holds that position with Canada, NZ and SA swapping around for 4th. I'm predicting it will end Australia, naturally, and unassailaby, First, England comfortably second, Canada third, India, fourth, New Zealand, fifth and South Africa sixth... Although the last two could swap. 

But... This is the CWGs and anything is likely. 

Oh and I'm calling these the BEST CWGs ever already! :)

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