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PyeongChang Paralympic OC Chat Thread

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3 minutes ago, Ikarus360 said:

Maybe they wanted to pander the traditional lovers because they felt underrepresented at the Olympic ceremonies? 

Now the UK, and nope, Bandabi is not wearing any traditional clothing. 

Apparently Bandabi is marching in several different outfits.. I saw him marching in trad and red cloth earlier..

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1 minute ago, zigzag said:

NK after Japan? Kinda ironic since Japan is pretty much why there's no united Korea in this ceremony..

I wish I could understand a bit better the whole issue about the Dokdo dispute, but I understood Dokdo is accepted by most as part of SK?

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Just now, yoshi said:

I don't understand why these islands are problematic now...surely they were there a month ago?

North Korea apparently didn't liked Dokdo wasn't shown at the Unification Flag back in February 9 (they also claim ownership of the islands) so they were pushing to put them in the flag this time. There were disagreements so both respected their point of view and decided to march this time on their own. 

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