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"How Team Sky cycling cheats" from an official report

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Remarkable drugs report shatters Team Sky’s illusion of integrity

It is only three months since we were last asking whether the latest crisis would signal the end for Team Sky. Now here we are again, wondering how much longer this organisation can continue when every scintilla of credibility they had as a completely clean team has been decimated by another inquiry.

This time it was the department of digital, culture, media and sport select committee drawing the damning conclusion that Team Sky cynically abused the anti-doping system to allow the administration of performance-enhancing drugs. 


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Pure endurance and strength sports are won by "marginal gains" rather than practice as in skill sports. I don't know why anyone expects weightlifting or cycling to ever be completely clean.

In the USA even amateur cyclists often dope. It is amazingly easy to lay your hands on performance enhancers. When I was studying anatomy our professor was injecting his thymus with HGH he bought on the internet to increase his life span.

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Looks as if every possible opportunity will be taken to remind Lord Coe of his awkward position ...


Sebastian Coe should follow Roger Bannister’s lead for athletics legacy

Andy Bull, Tue 6 Mar 2018


With the Heritage project, Coe wants to yoke athletics’ present to its glorious past but there is an aspect of Bannister’s legacy he did not touch on in his speech. In 1971, Bannister became chairman of the British Sports Council. There, he pushed through the first tests for anabolic steroids and argued for the introduction of random testing. “That’s up there with anything I did on the track,” he told Don McRae in 2004. ...


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