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'Munich' from a Games Bids Reader's Perspective

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I saw Munich a couple of days ago. It's a very good film, not surprisingly - but here are a couple of comments on the Olympic portions of the film from a nitpicking Olympic geek (like the rest of you).

It's obvious immediately that the Olympic scenes are not filmed in Munich. The opening scene takes place as the Gunmen are jumping a fence into the athlete's village. The architecture of this part of the village is off - it does not look at all like the Munich village and the architecture looks more modern than 1972.

Once they enter the village however, it looks very similar to Munich. Good job there.

The stadium is very noticibly not Munich. It's a much older stadium - roofless. I was disappointed in this in that the tent roofing of the Munich stadium is so iconic. I was hoping that their would be use of CGI to create more of an exact feel on the 72 Olympic complex.

There's no use of any of the Munich typography or symbols. The only use of the actual Olympic rings that I can remember is from the ABC telecast.

So- from an Olympic geek nitpicking perspective - these issues nagged at me. But from a moviegoers perspective - it doesn't matter - Munich 72 does not play that much of a role in 'Munich'.

Still - I recommend the film - it's very good.

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