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1 minute ago, Ikarus360 said:

Well, that interlude segment was weird. According to Claro, the turtle is a messenger from earth to Gods.

Nordic domination at the medal award. :lol: didn't we heard Norway anthem as well in Sochi?

Yes, we did - Marit Bjorgen won there, too. And we heard the Russian anthem there - played for the triple winners in the men's 50 km, Cheatsky, Dopinsky and Fraudsky.

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Just now, Ikarus360 said:

Hopefully next IOC president will remove that "Olympic champion in yaddayadda" crap. Literally nobody cares.

I didn't know until recently that Bach insists on the mention of his Olympic champion title everytime he is introduced at the Games. It only emphasises for me what a prick he is.

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