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Hodori, the mascot of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

Lady Gaga's evil twin.

First winter closing ceremony to not have an opening balls-up to laugh at since 2006. 

2 minutes ago, SkiFreak said:

Interesting. Nothing on iTunes. Wonder if its available on the official site.

It's at least on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC1e--DVt8s

From what I could gather via Google so far, the singer is an ambassador of Pyeongchang 2018 and he published the song "in support of the Games" - so it doesn't seem like THE official theme song.

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3 minutes ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

This music! Like Kurt Weill in Korean.

:lol: Nice comparison. Yes, I always find it confusing for the international audience when there are songs or a lot of untranslated talking in the host country's language (unless that's English). I guess that most of the athletes don't know what's going on.

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So the Pagoda prop from the spoilers was always meant for the closing. Liked the combination of rock music and traditional instruments on that segment. Welcoming segment was cute, showing above looks from the venues and at least an olympic rings formation which was genuine :P 

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14 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

Wait, these Games had an official song named "Louder"? That was apparently the song that was played during the Games montage, according to the German commentator. I've heard of that song for the first time now, during the final hours of the Games. :D

I was saying the same in my head.

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1 minute ago, JMarkSnow2012 said:

Very perfunctory though- they should have messed up in the OC so they could do a Sochi-style callback.

True. ;) As a matter of fact, this is the first Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony since Torino 2006 where don't have to mock themselves due to an opening ceremony glitch. Disappointing actually, those segments always were some of the most entertaining of the entire ceremonies.

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Just now, Ikarus360 said:

About the mocking thing, they're making weird comical remixes of traditional korean songs at the background as the athletes arrive. Dunno if that would count :P 

Or the fact that they apparently ran out of live music because the parade ran longer than planned - and now they had to resort to taped music. ;)

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