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Flagbearers at the closing ceremonies...

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The flag bearers of the opening ceremonies are known - you can find them on wikipedia and everywhere else, but I am interested in the flag bearers of the closing ceremonies as well.

Does anybody have a source where you can find the flag bearers of the closing ceremony as well? Of course I am most interested in the flag bearers of Germany, Federal Republic of Germany, GDR, Saarland and Unified German Team most.

Here are the German flag bearers of the closing ceremony, which I found:

2016 - Sebastian Brendel
2014 - Felix Loch
2012 - Kristof Wilke
2010 - Magdalena Neuner
2008 - Katrin Wagner-Augustin
2006 - Claudia Pechstein
2004 - Kathrin Boron
2002 - Georg Hackl
2000 - Heike Drechsler
1998 - Gunda Niemann
1996 - Birgit Fischer
1994 - Claudia Pechstein
1992 (W) - Antje Misersky

I miss all flag bearers from 1908-1992 (summer)...

Who is able to help?

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