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PyeongChang 2018 Ceremonies Spoiler Thread

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Yeah, I was going to say that. They already used the robot during the Torch Relay. I even posted pics of it on December. What is true, though, is they want to display hi-tech during the last part of the show to represent how Korea has evolved so far since the Han River Miracle.

Anyway. According to this article, the five kids who will be the protagonists of the Opening Ceremony will all be from the Gangwon province. Apparently the use of kids was done as an answer to the Seoul 1988 hoop boy (apparently it seems that was the scene of that opening ceremony which is remembered most fondly for many Koreans).


Also, it seems a Korean Bell will be used to signalize the beggining of the Opening (it mentions the word "  한국의 종소리가 " which is for "korean bell" when it talks about the beggining of the show), for what I could translate here (from the official website)

A korean bell was used to signalize the beggining of the 1988 Olympics closing ceremony. I believe they also depicted a large "peace bell" at the opening ceremony of the 2002 World Cup. If they do this it would be reminiscing of Nagano's opening with the Zenkoji temple bell. 



"The opening ceremony is the adventure of five children who have found the answer to peace"

"The closing ceremony is not the end but a new beginning ... the chapter of the festive festival"
"The message of peace will be more emphasized through participation in North Korea"
(Pyeongchang-Yonhap News) Lee Young-ho reporter = 'Through the adventure of five children who are searching for the answer to the peace day and night 17, Pyeongchang becomes the starting point for the future.'
The opening and closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, which will take place on February 9th and will last for 17 days until the 25th, is the stage where the legitimacy of Korean culture inherited in a half-year history and the peace era created by Korean passion .
The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (Chairman Lee Hee-Beom) unveiled the concept of opening and closing ceremonies at the Main Press Center (MPC), which was held at Alpensia Resort, Daegwan-ri, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province on the 23rd.
The key is peace and the future. In addition, it conveys the message of "harmony, fusion, enthusiasm, peace".
The opening ceremony is to convey the meaning of peace in the history and culture of Korea and to make peace with the world through the connection and communication power that Koreans showed.
The opening ceremony begins with the Korean bell that welcomes the whole world to make the world white ice, and the adventure begins when five children search for the answer to peace.
Song said, "The children draw a peaceful world through their travels in the history and culture of the Republic of Korea, all of which will be created through the power of connection and communication."
"The concept of opening and closing ceremonies has not changed with the participation of North Korea," he said. "I believe that the message of peace that has been caught by North Korea will be delivered more strongly."
What stands out in the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympic Games is the appearance of the children again, similar to the appearance of a hoop boy at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
Song said, "The PyeongChang Olympic Games have more than just the Seoul Olympics."
Yang Jung Woong, the director of the opening ceremony, said, "I tried to include the story of peace that everyone sympathizes with rather than being difficult and abstract," he said.
He said, "A fairytale fantasy will be unfolding from the ancient myths of Korea, exploring the past and the future of five children living in Gangwondo." With the audience and the stage close to each other, "I am trying to show fairy tales in which people are drawn rather than analog and technology than digital."
The closing ceremony is a story of starting a new emergency on the wave of the future through the PyeongChang Olympics, reflecting the challenging spirit of humanity to break through the existing framework and move forward.
Song said, "The world's athletes from around the world who have waited four days and nights for the 17th day of the tournament have gathered in Pyeongchang to challenge the Olympic Games," Song said. "After the Olympics, Pyeongchang is celebrating its transition to the future. It will be held at the closing ceremony. "
Chang Jung-jung, the director of the closing ceremony, said, "The closing ceremony will be held as a venue for harmony beyond the age and generation as a place for festivals where the fierce competition is set down and all the people can play together." "Music, dance, I will draw traditional and modern culture through it. "
He said, "The challenge of failing and adversity and refusing to get used to it will be expressed in music and video." The closing ceremony is meant to be a new starting point, and the audience will be able to demonstrate their imagination while watching the show. Guest will be able to communicate the meaning of Pyeongchang as a new beginning, not an end. "
At the opening and closing ceremonies of the contest, the Taehwasang Taehwajeong was built with the motif of "Moon Jar".
Pyeongchang Organizing Committee explained, "Sunghwa University, which used moon jar as its material, contained the beauty of simplicity and Korea's margins." "We convey the message of participation and harmony."
Copyright (c) Yonhap News, All Rights Reserved - Redistribution prohibited>



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i have some spoilers (minor)... First one: Usually the torch lighting ends the ceremony. However, there is a segment after it. This segment was described to me as one of the coolest things ever..

Apparently rehearsals for the opening ceremony begin today so, as ever, that calls for a spoiler thread. Spoilers in here, protect the general thread etc etc, you know how it works. Hope this is usefu

Apparently from reading this article: http://news.hankyung.com/pyeongchang2018/view?aid=2018012398391 The Opening Ceremony will feature five children as the main roles (a la Sydney 2000, Soc

London 2012 used a bell at the beginning of the OC

I finally found an English article:


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When they mention "Korean bells welcoming the world" as the beggining performance, I can't help but imagine they might do a reenact of the Wooljeongsa Temple bell ringing (a temple at Pyeongchang which is the main touristic landmark of the town)


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7 hours ago, olympiaki-agones said:

Everything looks like Nagano.

Except it will be at night and, hopefully, much less boring than the yawnfest which was Nagano :lol: But yeah. The stage setting, stadium shape and now this thing of the bells (Zenkoji temple anyone?) are reminiscing of the 1998 games.

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I think they would probably start the OC with ringing the bell at the stadium (a la London 2012) rather than a nearby temple like Weoljongsa 

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Even the landscapes look alike. I've been in both places, and they both have close similarities. The stadium and the shape, it's quite like in Nagano. And the entrance might be just like Seoul. The drums and the bell were in Jamsil. I think that could be a significant way to welcome the world each time S. Korea hosts something. Always drums being played while some singing and solemn traditional music sound and K-pop.
Honestly, I'm almost sure that any Mass Arirang North Korean Games will look second to none.


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^^ 80% of Olympic ceremonies on recent years always start with drums of some sorts anyway. London, Beijing, Athens, Rio, Atlanta...it's an habit :P 

Despite everything it seems K-Pop will be kept at minimal given the official synopsis of the artistic performance is a travel through 5000 years of Korean history. So far only one group was confirmed. And I have a feel K-Pop will either be pretty condensed and/or relegated to the Pre-Show (I expect the later will be full of it in order to guarantee a packed stadium)

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Some new pics from Google Earth (and a short video). One of the stage slopes has been colored? . Also the look of the games was installed on the stadium main gates.

The large side slope is being colored or something. I don't know what are they really doing with it though.

Is that Gangnam Style i'm hearing in the video? :lol: 





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Another two shots. Once again i'm just posting an Imgur link for those who don't care about spoilers.


The original articles where these pics were reportedly deleted at the request of the media. So this means these are the real thing. 

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^^ Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Those props seem to actually be from an exhibition which is being held at a structure next to the Olympic Stadium. So i'm not sure if we're actually going to see them at the ceremony. 

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Regarding the spoiler pictures of the method to ignite the cauldron, apparently some drama is unfolding because it seems it was uploaded by someone working at Reuters. While the articles were taken down, it took them 9 hours to remove the pic completly from the servers, so many people could still see them via google (and apparently they weren't very pleased with what they saw). The consequences are Reuters was banned from taking part at the Opening Ceremony


A naughty part of me can't help but think this is karma for SK (SBS channel, most specifically) spoiling us the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony back then, one-two weeks before August 8. :lol: 


Reuters denied access to PyeongChang opening ceremony due to unapproved coverage

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea, Jan. 29 (Yonhap) -- International news agency Reuters has been denied access to the opening ceremony of next month's PyeongChang Winter Olympics after it filed several photos of the rehearsal without permission, according to the Olympic organizing committee Monday.

The London-based media company transmitted several photo items showing the Olympic cauldron being lit up with fire during a rehearsal conducted late Sunday at the Olympic Main Stadium in PyeongChang. The company later pulled the items following protests from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the PyeongChang organizing committee.

As penalty, the IOC "disapproved the issuing of passes towards Reuters in reporting and photographing the opening ceremony," the organizing committee of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics said in a statement. The IOC also revoked the media accreditation of the photographer representing Reuters.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the quadrennial sporting event are customarily kept under comprehensive media embargoes. Outlets that violate the embargoes are often penalized by losing access. The IOC has also asked South Korean media companies that used the unauthorized Reuters contents to remove them.

The PyeongChang organizing committee said it plans to "enforce strong penalties on media companies and their reporters who disobey embargoes of the opening and closing ceremonies as requested by the IOC and the organizing committee."



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It's so exciting to see the spoilers, because they are images in isolation and the point is how that part is articulated with the rest of the show.... The screen props could be part of the ceremony itself... We do not know yet, since it takes part of an art exhibition.... so it would not be a spoiler...


Let's see what that "fire pole" means and how it is articulated with the rest of the ceremony,,,,,


I want to see more!!!!

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Thanks to that dumb Routers worker, secrecy about the Opening might be increased a tenfold now. However, they usually do the first full rehearsal the sunday before the Opening. That would be this weekend. So i guess spoilers are going to be leaked soon anyway. 



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According to this article, the whole mess of the ignition method being leaked happened because last night tests were doing alongside OBS and the rest of broadcasters and photographers for the Opening show. 

They also mention they are considering changing the lightning method now thanks to the spoiler since they feel it ruined the surprise. 

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