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Gold Coast 2018 CWG Opening Ceremony

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1 minute ago, yoshi said:

rather Sydney-style with a girl dreaming.

Only a little tiny bit- and maybe indeed a callback to 2000!

Overall, I was very impressed. There was a clear thematic unity, and gorgeous visuals and music. I still suspect I'd have hated it with commentary; it was all about atmosphere.

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These ceremonies were nicely done!! 



Things I noticed (small/minor details):

-Sri Lanka was missing from the map in the beginning of the show (I wonder if they were trying to beat their opponents one more time :P)

-A lot of reused concepts from ceremonies

  • Video Killed the radio star music played during the parade of nations (used in Torino 2006)
  • Whale projection concept (used in Vancouver 2010)
  • Also the final song "Together we are one" was also the official theme song of Toronto 2015 (although a different song)
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I imagine I'm not the only one surprised by how classy that was, considering GC's general image. As much as I don't really like putting the boot in to any ceremony (everywhere does their best, surely), that really did underline how underwhelming Glasgow's was. And how much protocol they had - I'd like to see how long the artistic sections were here compared to Glasgow. I guess we shouldn't be surprised - Australia just does ceremonies well :)

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Having been to Sydney 2000 and Melbourne 2006, and being aboriginal, I was pretty blown away by the ceremony. It was classy, universal, inclusive, the indigenous segments were inspiring and embracing (like taking the smoking ceremony up to the dignitaries)...the parade was pacey with athletes really having fun, relaxed, avoided all sorts of cliches...and on a pretty tight budget. Great combination of live action/projections, often simultaneously.

Who would have thought the flashy Gold Coast could pull that off?

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1 hour ago, Nacholympic said:

Where can I watch the Opening Ceremony? No post on youtube yet, neither on the official webpage....


So far I can only give the traditional answer: VPN your way to BBC iPlayer !

There's at least one video of the first sequence that hasn't been taken down yet- but don't be surprised if it vanishes:


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For me it's the next day...

TVNZ are, rightfully, being torn apart for ruining the "ceremony" bits of the Opening with ad breaks. 

It spoiled the flow of Gold Coast's story which needed to be watched uninterrupted. I'm hoping Channel 7 posts the ceremony on You Tube so I can watch it in full. 

As with anything in today's social media world, it has had it's critics... Meaningless symbolism, patronizing the First Nation people, Aussie cliches, drawn out set pieces, and probably correct in saying - the Duchess of Cornwall's po faced look of boredom.   

But over all the reports coming in are of a pretty cool Opening that is of it's time...And has set up what are to be a great games.

Personally - I now judge CWGs on the Manchester '02 Scale - I consider those games the best so far overall for everything in my memory of life (too young to remember 1974) - Gold Coast will need to top it.

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