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Transportation from Games to Seoul

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On 1/14/2018 at 12:34 PM, charlestell said:

It looks like the KTX is not offering service from the Opening Ceremony (or the events the evening before) back to Korea. Am I mistaken? Can somebody please advise.

Yes, you appear to be correct. The trains stop running from Pyeongchang to Seoul around 8:30PM or so, meaning that you will either A) rent a car or carpool from Seoul to the OC if you're commuting from Seoul, or B ) get a hotel for one night in the area, if any are left. Your best bet would be to ask around on here or on other websites about if someone rented a house or apartment in the area and is willing to sell you their couch or extra room for one night, or to ask around and see if anyone is driving in and out from Seoul that day and suggest a carpool. Best of luck, let us know how things play out. 

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