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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games


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Anyway, I actually came here to post the big esports news but I see AustralianFan has already done it (thanks! B)).

I've have a broader definition of sport than a lot of people, and maybe esports counts, but I don't see how they're a fit for things like the Olympics or Commonwealths. It doesn't sit right with me.

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46 minutes ago, Rob. said:

Mate, he's not boycotting anything, I think you missed his extreme sarcasm. :rolleyes:

As far as I can see, and I can't blame him, Sir Rols has decided not to take any crap since AustralianFan's lecture in response to his earnest post about not watching the ceremony. It's ended up tainting a few threads, but that's the end result when you get a noob heavy-handedly cosplaying as a mod. So well done!

That’s the problem with selective memory ….

It was not just that the particular moderator in question saying he wasn’t going to watch the Opening Ceremony - that’s up to him.  If he had stopped at that, no big deal, no skin off anyone’s nose.

The big problem was that he took it much further and then began to sledge other Gamesbids ceremony fans in a wave of derogatory, destructive and politically based attacks, and then doubled-down on them.    It’s all on the public record.

Quite stunning behaviour coming from a well respected Gamesbids moderator.





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10 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

For all that‘s wrong with the UK government, it is an extreme set of double standards to boycot the CWG opening for that while at the same time getting excited about the Olympic opening by a regime that can indeed be called genocidal.

Now that someone‘s calling you out for that, you ask to respect your decision.

Well no. Not every decision needs respect. Go on and live with it though, not my problem.

Hey, it’s no biggie. 

Scotty’s just baiting all around the boards, I fell for it/obliged him (depending on your POV), and he got to blow off steam

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On 2/9/2022 at 6:00 PM, Scotguy II said:

I have decided that i will not watch the Birmingham 2022 opening ceremony in protest at the UK Governments lies and hypocrisy in having parties and large gatherings when the UK was forced into lockdown and families were not able to be with loved ones in their dying moments.

I cant watch an event where the compulsive liar Boris Johnson will be attending

Siding with the powerful overlord (Beijing) over the disenfranchised minority (the Uyghurs) tells me you're not very good at being Scottish.

You just have the runs because Birmingham might surpass what Dundee offered in 2014. 

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Looking forward to Birmingham 2022. Another opportunity to watch our Aussie stars we saw in Tokyo just a year earlier but this time in front of spectators. 

The Commonwealth Games start on 28 July which is 10 years and one day since London welcomed the world with that epic Opening Ceremony and ends on 8 August which is a year to the day since the postponed Tokyo Olympics ended. 

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I've just realized UK track and field athletes will have quite the busy summer. World Athletics Championships at Hayward Field end July 24th. Next up Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games (30 July to 7 August) and then off to Munich for the European Champs (15 August to 21 August).

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8 hours ago, BigVic said:

Blue running track....Brings me back memories from Rio 2016 with Usain Bolt running his last events at an Olympics on a blue track instead of the normal red track. 

Blue tracks are becoming more popular. Most of the major venues in Australia have one- Lakeside Stadium, QSAC, SOPAC, WA Athletics Stadium

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