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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games


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Plans showcasing the emerging design for the redevelopment of Alexander Stadium have been published, as public consultation begins.

The venue at Walsall Road, Perry Barr, will be the focal point of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, hosting the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as the athletics programme.

New artist impressions of the stadium have been released revealing Birmingham City Council’s intentions to create a legacy asset the city and its residents can be truly proud of.

The redeveloped stadium will increase its permanent seating capacity from 12,700 to 18,000 allowing up to 40,000 during the Games through additional temporary seating.

Key features include:

  • A new western stand replacing the Main, Knowles and Nelson stands
  • New tiered seating to the north and south
  • A new 400m 6-lane warm up track and re-laying of a new IAAF Category 1 track (400m 9-lane competition standard track)
  • Improved public realm and parking provision, with additional landscaping and signage
  • Installation of new stadium lighting and practice throwing field
  • A new access road from A453 Aldridge Road (to be used for event/maintenance use only)





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52 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Hold on, is that the actual logo? I assumed it was a kind of teaser for the look or part of the logo (like the shards from 2012). 

not sure whether it is the logo or an element/elements of it? the main bit seems to represent the letter B?

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It looks like green is the main colour for at least the initial logo (a little ironic for a city not exactly famed for its greenery :P) but if that shape is the full logo, I’m struggling to figure out what it represents - if it was only the two triangles, it’d be a B but with 3, I’m not sure...

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Now it’s appeared in West Brom & Stourbridge, with added transparency. The London 2012 parallels grow...


I must say, it’s quite a nice shape, regardless of whether it’s meant to ‘be’ anything. I also can’t imagine Birmingham Updates aren’t in on the whole thing & acting in their posts - good harmless fun though, & it’s getting awareness up :)

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As a Brummie myself, I'm so excited for tomorrow and this fresh new logo and brand for the Games!

Also today saw a quiet rebrand of the Commonwealth Games Federation and its brand. With a new look for the three triangle symbol. Expect to see this in the new Brum 2022 logo.


And also a new name!


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They finally got rid of the hideous thing! Whatever else is in the design, Brum already has a better logo than the previous few Games :lol: The new logo is nice, much better looking while still recognisable. Hopefully the rest of what’s above it will be just as good :)

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Not bad, looks very modern enough and it still retains the main elements of the former CWG symbol. I wonder how they'll blend it on Brum logo.

So far it seems they want to try something innovating like London did. Have a feel it will have some controversy/criticism but if they combine it with a good brand/look like London did we might be in safe hands.

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Well, it’s out. The shape is the logo, & appears to represent a map of the West Midlands, hence the third triangle. Must admit, I’m not too keen on how the font looks awkwardly put on top of the logo. Also surprised how invisible the new CGF thing is, you’d think they’d have made a bigger deal of the new logo now it’s not awful :)

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Commonwealth Games: Birmingham 2022 shooting & archery events could take place in India

The 2022 Commonwealth Games could see shooting and archery staged in India several months before the main event starts in Birmingham.

The unprecedented proposal has been put forward by India, who had threatened to boycott Birmingham 2022 after shooting was excluded from the Games.

If approved, the idea would avert that risk.

BBC Sport understands the results of the competitions would count towards the official medal tally.

The change will be considered by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) over the coming weeks.



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Commonwealth Games 2022: Shooting and archery events to be held in India

India will host the archery and shooting events at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, six months before the main event in Birmingham.

The proposal was put forward by India who threatened to boycott Birmingham 2022 after shooting was excluded.

Both events will take place in Chandigarh in January 2022, with the main games from 27 July to 7 August.

The move to India was approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Executive Board.

Chandigarh 2022 and Birmingham 2022 will be separately organised and funded, but medals will count towards the overall competition.



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HUGE news
(not really)



The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will start 24 hours later than originally scheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic's impact on the sporting calendar.

It will run from 28 July-8 August.

The move will allow athletes competing at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, United States - which finishes on 24 July - an extra day of recovery.

It will also avoid a clash with the semi-finals of women's football's European Championship.



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