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Korail reservation issues- Lunar New Year

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Hello all, I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else going to the games has better info on the Lunar New Year issues with Korail. I have had absolutely no issues reserving rail tickets until right now. They are not allowing anyone to reserve tickets with the Pyeongchang Rail Pass online from Feb 14-18 for the national holiday. They say it will be announced 'later'. I've tried Skyping their customer service several times and there is a severe language barrier. They say you could book tickets at a travel counter by 'asking a friend in Korea' or online. But every time I ask about that I get something different. Once they said that you can use the pass online....and then no it will be all in Korean for Koreans only....and I can't get anyone to tell me if I have to pay extra for this time period or just use the pass. It is getting me no where. I'm worried I will not get to events due to the sheer volume of travelers during a national holiday. Has anyone going found more solid info about this? Many thanks from a concerned fellow traveler. 

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