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America's Cup 36...2021, New Zealand.


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Thought I'd open a page for this still distant event with renderings of the new Foiling Mono Hull yachts that will be used.

This was chosen because the seaway in Auckland's inner habour would've made the multi-hull cats difficult to handle in what can be difficult wind conditions. 

Grant Dalton said it was possible to have the multi-hull cats but they would be too far off shore for spectators to witness. 

The foiling mono-hulls can get up to considerable speed and can be even more scary to handle. They can also handle the Auckland inner habour seaway and wind conditions...And fans can watch from the shore.

Here's a graphic...


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:oWow, totally forgot about this thread.

Been an interesting buildup to 36th edition.

America's Cup Class 75 Foiling Monohull yachts reaching speeds of up to 50+ knots.

:(Covid 19 really disrupting the event, especially the Prada Cup and the lead up regattas.

There were three challengers, 

United States: Team USA

Great Britain: IENOS Team UK

Italy: Prada Pirelli Luna Rosa...(challenger of record).

:huh: Difficult to handle, the AC75s were constantly being developed and adapted within the rules by all three challengers with spectacular results.

The big shock was the elimination of Team USA when their yacht got airborne, slammed down onto the sea, rolled over and partially sank after sustaining considerable damage. The repairs changed the way the yacht handled and the crew couldn't adapt in time. Bundled out in the three way semifinal.:(

IENOS Team UK had a rough start to the cup with many predicting they would be the first to go as they couldn't get their AC75 to work properly during the Xmas regattas. Working through the holiday period they managed to get it right and advanced through to the Prada Cup final after shocking pundits with straight victories in the first round semifinals. However it came to naught in the finals when a battle hardened Luna Rosa, having ruthlessly knocked out Team USA in the second round semifinal promptly did the same to IENOS Team UK, conceding only one race. They just couldn't keep up with Luna Rosa which has been developing their AC75 with the same vigor and Team New Zealand which seems to have a tremendous speed advantage...  


America's Cup 36 racing supposed to have started Saturday 6 March  but Auckland was in another lockdown until this morning, so Wednesday 10 March will start the racing between Italy's Prada Pirelli Luna Rosa and current cup holders Emirates Team New Zealand.   

Here we go again...:wacko:

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:huh: Wow...

The Americas Cup remains New Zealand's Cup...

Beating Luna Rosa 3-7.

But speculation is that the new Challenger of Record, INEOS Team UK has proposed a one off Deed of Gift challenge best of three race series around the Isle of Wight in 2022 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years reign on the throne. They would pay all costs to move Emirates Team NZ over to the UK and agreed to still host the 2024 cup in Auckland if they win...

The current AC 75 foiling monohulls being used.

It's an offer that has upset other regular challengers who would prefer the status quo of a cyclic event. 

Deed of Gift challenges are seen as pretentious although the 2010 America's Cup between the then defenders, Alinghi and challenger Golden Bay YC was seen as a popular result when the later won. This bringing an end to what many in the AC racing community saw as a rogue syndicate full of paid for services mercenaries.

Strict new nationality rules for the next two regattas will see only country of origin and long term residents of challenging syndicates crew allowed...Thus shutting the door on the likes of Alinghi unless they follow the rules.


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