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Naim Suleymanoglu The Pocket Hercules Dies

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Just saw this right now as I'm getting into the boards today. I didn't even know and surely many of us here knew that he was sick for quite a while with his variety of ailments. So much strength with such a small frame. Let's not forget that Naim came from Bulgaria's Turkish minority that was harshly cracked down upon by Bulgaria's Communist government during the 1980s through violence and issuing passports with assigned new Slavic names in the name of improved assimilation they certainly didn't consent to, among other things, that he spoke harshly about. Became a national Turkish hero when he defected and certainly didn't disappoint. The saga of obtaining this "unconditional" change of athletic citizenship is interesting in of itself prior to Seoul. Very sad day for Turkey and of Bulgaria's Turkish minority with a national hero now gone who meant a lot to them


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I remember him from this Olympic film/documental which was done before 1996 (I do not remember the name right now), which told his story and how he obtained the gold medal at Barcelona 1992. I remember he was also wearing a shirt of the failed Istambul 2000 Olympic Bid, which he strongly supported. 

One of the greatest weightlifting champions. It's a shame he died and when he still had so much left in life. May he rest in peace. 

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