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Robert Mugabe


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Looks like another dictator is going to bite the dust. :P Good riddance.

After days of crisis and a military takeover, the ruling ZANU party of Zimbabwe has sacked Mugabe as their leader, as more and more people are demanding his resignation.


Mugabe will make an announcement in the next hours. 

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Sadly I don't think they will get too better anytime soon given the ZANU party still has most of the power (and the guy the army was rooting to be Vicepresident isn't precisely a saint, having been minister of Mugabe in the 80's and acussed of killing people as well). But even they roared in cheers inside the parliament when the announcement was made. 

At least this didn't ended in yet another Civil War which would had just worsened things more than they already are.

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Seems like they just replaced a Tyrant for a guy who will most likely become another one


Mnangawa, alias the Crocodile, like I mentioned on the previous post, seems to be just as bad as Mugabe. The whole thing just seems like an internal fight for power in the ZANU party rather than a true change in government. So in short words, don't raise your hopes for Zimbabwe too much.

After the Arab Spring, i've actually become very sceptic about these kind of things. Gadaffi was a monster, but there's no reasonable doubt Libya was much better under him since he was the least of two evils. 

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