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CBC Olympic DVD's


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Coming next week, Canadians will get their hands on a 6-DVD set of Torino 2006 thanks to Morningstar Entertainment and the CBC. Take a look at Torino 2006: Canada's Quest For Success. I now wonder what if Warner Vision Australia's 16 Days in September was allowed to go as far as this and maybe the upcoming Sony BMG Australia's 2006 Commonwealth Games Highlights DVD. It certainly puts what Americans get to utter shame even further. Surprisingly, Canada seems to be making really good multiset sports DVDs lately considering the legendary 1972 Summit Series between the Canadian All-Stars and the Soviet Union, Hockey Gold Medal 2002, the 1976 and 1987 Canada Cups (the 2004 World Cup of Hockey could use a multi-disc set). I'm surprised the gold madeal men's hockey match between Sweden and Finland is included as the final disc. Perhaps due to that many of the players on both were and are playing on Canadian-based NHL teams. I would've been cool with the official Torino 2006 video included. My only bones of contention with Morningstar is no French language track, since of course English and French are the two official Canadian languages. Surely the tracks can come from Radio-Canada and RDS' coverage. Maybe that's coming separately. Another thing is

the lack of a full and uncut Opening and Closing Ceremonies in the set. But that will jack up the price even more in this set. Maybe when Blu-ray hits, it won't be an issue.

This is how you package and release an Olympic Games DVD title on standard DVD, people!!!  :)

On the other side of the spectrum however, Here comes this lame-o official video of Torino 2006 in 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for the Swedish highlights that's been sold in Sweden from the likes of retailers like Ginza since last week and possibly in the rest in Europe. Not even the full cross country races that Sweden medaled in (usually won), the women's curling gold medal match, or even the gold medal hockey games in their entireties? Come on now!  

I've read that Italy is supposed to have its own Torino 2006 Olympic DVD title in these posts, but that hasn't happened yet. many of us here are interested. Any new developments on that? What about the Opening and Closing Ceremonies? I think and hope whoever has the rights to them wants to do this right in the minds of consumers.

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