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Amazon's Search for a 2nd HQTRs


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I also think that Amazon has over-rated the qualifications for being an order filler.  You don't need a f*cking college degree to pull items and pack them off!  That is still an entry-level job (much like being a fast-food worker WITHOUT the grease).  So I don't know why they are hoping to attract so-called "highly educated" workers.  My rough guess is that for your people under 25, they will last 1.5 years being an "order-filler" for amazon.  Older workers may last longer for the simple reason that it will be harder for them to move around like younger workers but from a productivity POV, they will be much slower.  And pretty soon, that task will be filled by robots, if it isn't already.  I think they got best tax breaks from NYC and Virginia.  

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