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Australian Ice Sports Centre

Sir Rols

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I wasn't sure exactly where to place this _ it's a winter sports story, but doesn't exactly belong in the Torino forums.

Anyway, looks like Melbourne is going to be the nerve-centre of Australia's future winter games efforts (on top of our offshore training centre in Austria).

Here's the story:

MELBOURNE, Feb 22 AAP - A $60 million national ice sports centre will be built at Docklands under plans to develop a Winter Olympics hub in Melbourne.

The centre will be home to Australia's Olympic Winter Institute and will feature twin, full size ice rinks, the Herald Sun reports today.

The facility will be open to the public for recreational skaters and will also host national and international events, including ice hockey, ice skating, curling and speed skating.

The State Government signed off on the plans last week but the project has yet to be financed.

Premier Steve Bracks made a $10 million commitment to develop a national ice sports centre before the 2002 state election.

The promise followed the success of gold medal winners Alisa Camplin and Steven Bradbury at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City four years ago.

``The centre will fill the gap in ice sports facilities in Melbourne and establish Victoria as the national leader in winter sports,'' Sports Minister Justin Madden told the Herald Sun.


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