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St Petersburg 2030 Logo Comp - Ceremonie d'annonce/Announcement Ceremony


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Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to St Petersburg!

That's Boney M getting us started with their ode to the most historically famous Putin of them all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Madames et Monsieurs, good evening & добро пожаловать to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, where we are gathered to crown the tsar our winner in this winter section of the 11th GB Olympic Logo Comp. I hope you have enjoyed taking part & voting, & the journey around Russia that we have had. Consider it practise for 2018. As is traditional, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who entered. It is never easy to design an Olympic logo, & even harder to design one for such a tough & discerning audience as the one we find here. Talking of whom, thanks to you as well - without your votes there would be no comp - I hope this has given something to do on the board in this barren period. All told, the one thing that's certain is that when a winner is crowned, they are fully deserving.

And it is now time to crown that winner. To make the announcement, please welcome the only man who could possibly do the job here. We've heard from him throughout, now he's on stage, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin!

Image result for vladimir putin bear

*For clarification, Mr Putin is the one on the top.*

Vlad: Thank you, thank you. I am finally in charge now, now I can decide the logo for Leningrad...*has chat* Oh, right, votes. Interesting idea. Ok, so apparently the votes are counted and have been verified by our completely transparent & independent people who deal with such things. They were even there for all to see, no need to hack anything, very easy. Well, I suppose all I can say is...the winner is...




Yoshi: Thank you Mr President. By the way, who is this Kim you keep talking about? Never knew you liked Belgian women's tennis. Anyway the big thing is...Congratulations @VIK! Our flying Finn has taken the title with his very first (and only for now) post on the board. A remarkable achievement - you now join that long list of champions in my (& Rols') signature. For the records, the final result of Round 4 was: A: 6 B: 4 C 1. A small, but clear, majority means that we have our winner!

And that's it from Russia - but not before I once again thank everyone involved, especially @Sir Rols for his support in once again starting the polls and providing the pic of old Vlad above. And of course telling me not to be too worried about the numbers of logos/votes. Thanks mate :)

OK, well, there's hot & cold running vodka in the bar next door. I am going to leave a day's cooling off for our hangovers, and also for anyone who hasn't yet to get a last-minute LA 2028 entry in. But after that, we will be headed across the Atlantic for our Summer escapade. I'm sure Donald will give us a warm...um...welcome. See you in Hollywood! :)

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