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Future of GamesBids?


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Well, traditional bidding will certainly be off the table now for another 8 years at least!  Already the lack of interest in bidding from potential host cities has had a noticeable knock-on effect on this forum. The place is almost a desert now compared to what it was even a couple of years ago.! So many well-known and familiar posters have disappeared or gone into cold storage (I too have been posting here only very infrequently compared to what I used to do).

I can only hope this trend wil reverse itself eventually but frankly don't expect much improvement at least until the next Olympics (Paris 2024) approaches. It's a great shame because this has been a wonderful site for me and I can only hope to see it pick up and become so again! 





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The mass exodus is completely understandable given that many threads have degenerated into trolling, bickering, and belittling.  It has become incredibly difficult to conduct an intelligent conversation about anything Olympic, and the lack of opportunities to discuss the bid process will not help.  Also, given the fact that we do not have many regulars residing in the next few host countries means that the build-up to the Games will likely pale to past Games.

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The place was already a ghost of what it once was before this race declined into anti-climax. As I noted in one of the announcement threads this week, normally this should have been Peak GamesBids time. The lacklustre activity at a host(s) announcement says it all.

Wish I could be optimistic, but I don't see what could lift things. Maybe at games time - PC next year and Tokyo in '20 - things might lift a bit, but already Rio last year wasn't as "hot" as normal here. I think certainly, and very sadly,  GamesBids is past its best times. I'm not saying I'm gonna be moving on totally, but it's not like I've been very active either for quite some time. It'd be nice if things pick up eventually, but...


Anyway, in the meantime, for old time's sake, go and have a vote in Yoshi's logo comp. Even if it's not exactly the same, let's try not to let the old site go to the dogs without a fight, and let's party like it's 2012!

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Yeah, I think all these things are contributing factors to a much quieter forum. I was much more active before 2010, of course, because I was living in a (once) future Olympic host city and some of the competitions in that decade were heated affairs. Indeed, Olympic bidding from the 1992 Games onward to the 2020 Games was a pretty interesting time. But the next 10+ years look like a repeat of the 1970s and early 1980s.

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