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2026/2030 bid procedure


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If they get Innsbruck, Sion, Lillehammer and Calgary (forget a US 2026 bid - won't happen and let's for the time being assume Almaty and  Sapporo are 100% out) all actually getting to candidate phase and not dropping out due to funding issues/referendum etcetera then no - I doubt they'll do a dual awarding.

I think the strength of the 2024 candidates was only part of the reason - with Paris and LA being the sole two bidders the IOC could gamble and ignore any howls of protests from undeclared 2028 only bidders.  If the IOC was to decide to give Innsbruck 2026 and Calgary 2030 (just an example) then they have to make sure the other bids - Sion, Lillehammer, Sapporo and Almaty - are abysmal.  That is the only way to avoid international outrage.  

If Budapest/Hamburg/Rome made it to the end of the 2024 cycle I am still sure we'd still see a Paris win - but we would not be seeing 2028 awarded at the same time.  I doubt the IOC would shut out the Italians and Germans so emphatically.  The Hungarians... eh.

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