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IOC Declares Victory After A Nearly Disastrous Olympic Bid Race


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Reporting from Lima Convention Center in Peru – Congratulations are abound in Lima Wednesday after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has awarded two Olympic Games simultaneously for the first time in history with Paris taking the torch in 2024 and passing it to Los Angeles in 2028. In place of the traditional envelope-opening marking the announcement […]

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Considering the World we now live in...

But staying positive - all the best to Paris and LA.

LA has the advantage of time up their sleeves and can bookend the commercial era LA84 created. 

As someone who has fond memories of what was my first games I remember, LA84 was what I have judged post Olympic Games since. 

Paris always wanted a centennial summer games, now they have it. 

We now have three previous host mega cities hosting again - there is some security in that. At least the 20's are now spoken for. That will rest a few IOC minds.

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Essentially what the IOC did was, to use sports as a reference, punted away the football and left the problem to whoever succeeds Bach, then yes, it can be called a success. Based on Coates' comments though, the IOC says they recognize the problems, but they have yet to show a viable solution. Explanations are not enough to win over skeptics that are wary of using taxpayer money on an Olympics with no visible benefits other than money guzzling white elephants.

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This certainly seems like the  ideal solution given the unfortunate crisis the traditional bid process has fallen into with so many candidates pulling out shortly after entering.  I for one will greatly miss the traditional bid process with all the excitement of speculating who will win culminating in the tenseness and drama of a host city election which was one of the reasons I originally got attracted to this site in the first place! :(

At least we are now assured of a Paris centenary Olympics followed by a 3rd outing for LA one of the event's most successful host cities. Hip hip hooray for that and bring it on!!! :)




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