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I wonder how LA executes the dual stadium Opening Ceremony concept. This should be interesting. One thing for certain, the opening ceremony will be under broad daylight (assuming a 6pm start to accomm

OK, Scoop!  First footage/rehearsal of 1st (my) idea for the 2028 Closing Ceremony -- a sequel to the Closing UFO stunt  in 1984!   Enjoy!    

Ours will have stars!! 

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OK, with Drumpf's announcement that he wants a US woman on the moon by 2024 (I guess timed to distract from Paris 2024), we now know another possible Final Lighter for LA 2028.  

Right now, I'm seeing a multiple of Final Lighters for Opening Ceremony 2028:
-(1) Joan Benoit Samuelson - first woman to win the first women's Olympic marathon in LA 1984;

(2) maybe Michael Phelps for being the most decorated, living Olympian; and

(3) whomever that first US astro-lunette will be doing her thing in 2024!

Would they also include Caitlyn Jenner as the First Transgender to Light an Olympic cauldron?  Or will they reserve her for the Paralympics -- teamed up with Kaster Semenya?  wink-wink???

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One of the theme's of LA 2028's Opening Ceremony -- a self-mocking The Quake!  We Shall Overcome -- which will show how Angelenos (and Californians) live through, cope and survive earthquakes.  Where Beijing and London had the Phoenix theme (well, so did Atlanta), LA will show the resiliency of the Southland and how through riot and natural disasters, the region pulls itself by its bootstraps, survives and just gets stronger each time!  What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger!! B)

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