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11th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp

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On 8/23/2017 at 8:36 AM, daveypodmore said:




Here is my logo for LA2028. Instead of dumping the bid concept and starting afresh I have decided to link to the bid with a sun icon. The bid said #followthesun and the competitors and the visitors will do just that. The logo's beams are made up of past hosts highlighting the journey that the Olympics has got to to get to 2028. The word mark is then in blue to represent the sun rising behind the ocean. A new dawn for LA and a new dawn for the Olympics. All other support material can be found here.




So quality. I wish I could keep liking this post.

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Soon as I started my work on the logo, I realized that I do not have to find a way to showcase LA, it has good and recognizable branding, so I wanted the logo to showcase the olympic games themselves. Instead of going with more obvious symbols of the games (medals / the olympic flame / the olympic rings and such) I went to the atmosphere of the games- celebration. Celebration of sport, of culture, of people, of hard-working, of successes...

Fireworks are one of the most iconic symbols of celebration, and for that I chose them as the main idea of the logo. The fireworks in the logo are in four colors, each of them represent values and ideas of both LA and the olympics-
Orange represent optimism, enthusiasm, cheerful, self-confident, independent, adventurous, creativity, talent and friendship.
Yellow / gold represent optimism, joy, enthusiasm, fun, originality, creativity, challenges, happiness, success, charisma, winning and positivity.
Pink represent warmth, hope, sweetness, love, compassion, caring and success.
Turquoise represent clarity of thought, balance and harmony, creativity, self-reliance and inspiration.
To create more connection to the city, I chose to create the fireworks in a shape  that inspired by the shape of the city itself.

The slogan of the games is #celebrate, and it will be used in many versions across the games.

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We interrupt this comp to bring you a public service message from Green Day: 

This is a 'what not to do' message - sleeping until the end of September is not recommended, as you'll miss the end of the submissions period - & the voting :o Instead what is recommended, as always, is more logos! We do still have just under a fortnight (that's 2 weeks for our American friends - who I learned the other day don't seem to use the term) until September 13, which is of course plenty of time - but it will feel much closer when we're in the same month. All are still very much welcome to submit their designs - I notice that there are several members who've done a logo for just one city so far, so it'd be great to see more go for both. Remember, both cities = double the chance of winning :P Plus there are many more members who aren't in at all yet - including some pretty big names, so there's still time for you to get in too. 13.5 days to go! :)

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5 hours ago, yoshi said:

 We do still have just under a fortnight (that's 2 weeks for our American friends - who I learned the other day don't seem to use the term) 

we don't use the term because it sounds ridiculously pretentious but lol we all know what it means.

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Let's get loud!

Yes, I know it's been quiet but the deadline is not moving* - which means that there is now just 1 week (& a few hours*) left until you can no longer submit entries. Miss it, miss out. As before, there's still time for new entrants to come in, existing entrants to add to their portfolio, & even for anyone to replace their logo if they've had a better idea. Until next Wednesday*, anything goes - so let's see what you've got :)

*Now, about the actual deadline itself, there's been a very slight change - but still one I just inform you all about. You'll know the deadline was stated as being 12 noon on 13 September - well that was based on using the Big Ben Bongs to see us out, but as the bell is silenced for a while that wouldn't be realistic. So instead, we'll be doing @Scotguy proud by using the Caledonian method of public timekeeping - a ruddy great cannon. Yes, Edinburgh's iconic One o'clock Gun will mark the deadline. Which is now, for confirmation:


I look forward to seeing our final list of contenders next week :)

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LA 5, St Petersburg 7 is the numbers of logos right now - & while old Vlad is delighted to be winning, it looks like his American friend is not too chuffed at the lower level of logo covfefe his country's city is getting:


Only 108 hours left to make LA great again - or take SP further ahead. Then there'll be voting!

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Yes, it is 1pm on Wednesday 13 September & to paraphrase Prince Philip, I declare this thing closed, whatever it is. So, without any further ado, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the *phone rings next door* Damn it - gotta get that. 

*takes call*

Well that was odd - some guy in Washington that called himself D. Rump. He says he's had a call with - his words - 'Vladdy baby', & he has some info for you. Basically, because the St Petersburg voting period is first, he says that any LA logos received in this thread during that time will be 'accepted bigly'. So, if you still want to take part with an LA logo, you've got a little bit of extra time - until our Russian friends have their winner. 

Right, what was I on about? Oh yes, Russia. The St Petersburg submission period is now closed - no concessions out of Vlad - & the voting will begin TONIGHT at 10pm UK time with round 1, which will be open for 48 hours from then and proceed in the traditional manner. More info then. In the meantime, here is the final field for St Petersburg 2030:


See you at 10, in Russia :)

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Final call for LA entries - voting begins tonight at 10pm UK time. Entries will still be accepted until around 8pm but that really is the deadline - so this is the final call. Also, @paul, your LA tattoo-picture - do you want that entered into the field or do you have something else up your sleeve? 

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