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11th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp

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On 8/13/2017 at 7:21 AM, VIK said:


Hi. This is my first time trying to join this competition, as long as I'm accepted as a legitimate member. I've found this design competition from the net and this time I decided to debut in it. So anyways, here is my logo for Saint Petersburg. I will try to make one logo for LA, but I'm currently seeking for inspiration and idea :)

also: is nobody going to point out that the icon represented in this logo is not actually in st. petersburg?

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Well we are all waiting for the Malaysian "twins" efforts and Baron's sketch to really up the lolz...

also: is nobody going to point out that the icon represented in this logo is not actually in st. petersburg?


Isn't that the joke here?  I assumed that was the point?

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Wassap mah d00ds *incoherent grumbling about LA and 2024* shoutout to mah bud @Sir Rols



So I started off with a star, y'know cuz 1984 and 'merica. But then I was all like, NO! that's the old news LA, yesereebob. This is the NEW LA of 2028 we're talking about. So what's more future than Gehry's own Disney Concert Hall cuz y'know, 21st century LA is DYNAMIC and VIBRANT so the star legs got Gehry-ified but then oops now it now suddenly looks like a flower but hey, it's colorful because VIBRANT and what's more VIBRANT than a sunset, amiright? Oh and I added stripes cuz '84 and whatnot and yeah I'm very sleep deprived right now. Feel free to talk about how un-LA this is. Ok bye.

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i have a shitty LA idea but i can't get it work perfectly in photoshop and these fucking youtube tutorials are not helping :/ it's so lame it's almost worth a laugh, but not really worth so many hours of my life. someone make it for me :/

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On 8/14/2017 at 1:49 PM, mr.bernham said:

My official submission: 


The logo is a refreshed version of the 1984 Olympic logo and combines elements of that games and the current bid logo. Los Angeles is a city of stars and some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world; this logo encapsulates the city in that regard. It's active elements and active typeface symbolize that LA is young, vibrant, and passionate about sport. The remaining typefaces represent LA's ability to merge modernity and classicalism. The rings as always are required by the IOC. 

What makes this brand stand out is how it will be applied throughout the city in the run-up to and during the games. You've already seen the posters as posted above, but below you'll find how the brand will be used in various different colors and applications:

Color Scheme:










Could you explain your logo, young man?

Well basically I copied the logo we have now.


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Hello nice people - just dropping in to give the 20-day warning to the end of submission. That's a lot of time - plenty for anyone who has gone for St Petersburg to do some California dreaming, & indeed for anyone who has gone for Los Angeles to head to Russia with love. And of course, it's plenty of time for anyone who we haven't seen yet to get in on the action - all are welcome. 20 days to September 13 :)

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