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Summer Universiade Taipei 2017

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Since it's only a couple of weeks to go, I felt we should start a thread already about the upcoming Universiade.

This is the biggest sport event to be held ever in Taiwan aka Chinese Taipei (they don't get to host too much things due to their troublesome diplomatic situation so this might be interesting to watch)



Taipei Municipal Stadium (25.000) - Athletics - Opening and Closing Ceremonies


National Taiwan Sport University Arena - Swimming/Waterpolo


Taipei Arena - Basketball


University of Taipei Gymnasium - Basketball


Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium - Basketball


University of Taipei Shi-shin Hall - Pool Diving


Taipei NangNang Exhibition Hall - Fencing


Hsinchu Stadium - Football


Taoyuan Arena - Taekwondo


National Taiwan University Sport Center - Volleyball


Taipei Tennis Centre - Tennis



Athletes Village








Universiade Torch


The torch was designed by Han-Ning Chang and Balance Wu. It was inspired by the idea of “gentleman’s fair play”. In the Confucian Analects, “The superior man avoids all contentious striving.” The Master said, ‘The student of virtue has no contentions. If it be said he cannot avoid them, shall this be in archery? But he bows complaisantly to his competitors; thus he ascends the hall, descends, and exacts the forfeit of drinking. In his contention, he is still a gentleman”. This means that in a competition, a competitor must be verbally and physically well-behaved, in compliance with the main idea of a Confucian gentleman. Such behavior is consistent with bamboo’s portrayal in oriental culture as a symbol of purity and modest. The master bamboo weaver of Taiwan, Su-Jen Su was invited to make the base of the torch. Traditional hexagonal bamboo weaving craft was used to make the base, displaying the beauty of traditional Taiwanese crafts. The torch also features a woven bamboo style sculpted using a modern 5-axis laser to display the advanced technological application in Taiwan.





Torch Relay Route



Some pics of the Torch relay so far in Taipei















Mascot - Bravo, a Formosan Black Bear





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Some info I got searching about the Opening Ceremony, which will apparently feature Cirque du Soleil dancers, aboriginal musicians as well for a show of LED lights and innovating fireworks.

From the official site its this description 



Date: Sat. 2017/8/19  18:00Prologue 19:00The ceremony starts
Location: Taipei Stadium

Youth is a power leaping toward the future.  The Opening Ceremony’s cultural performance aims to present the story of Taiwan, the lifestyle of urban and country lives, and the imagination of future trend from young artists’ perspectives.  <Vibrant Island> depicts the various culture and tribes of Taiwan, <Hybrid Taipei> states the urban image of the city, and <Global Tribe> conveys the idea of digital era and internet statements. 




2017 World Grand Opening Closing Ceremony was held in Taipei Athletics Field. The organizer, Tu Jianguo, chairman of the company, said that it would change the traditional fireworks in the form of "air release", which was never seen before.
World University Games will be held on August 19 opening, August 30 closing, in addition to the artist Wang Lee Hom, every family, Xu Jiaying offer, the world's modern dance troupe Martha Grams former dancers Jane Peiru, Cirque du Soleil dancers Zhang Yijun, nine days folk art group will also bring wonderful performances.

Looking at the Olympic Games, the World Universiade and other large sports competitions, in addition to the event, the athletes themselves are the topic, opening and closing the "fireworks show" is also the focus. Tu Jianguo interview, although the details of the confidentiality of the home, but also to ensure that will definitely bring the scene, the TV audience before the "never seen" experience.

Tu Jianguo said that the fireworks in two parts, one is with the performance of the special effects of fireworks, the other is the opening and closing of the fireworks cast. He said that the way of fireworks in Taiwan was "put in the air", but with the progress of science and technology, the way of this will be different, but the details will be announced, temporarily let him keep confidential.

He also said that the opening and closing ceremonies for the two different forms of fireworks, but the way the cast will undoubtedly have a sense of rhythm, freshness and beauty, chaos on the boring, especially with the German ELEPHANT ENTERTAINMENT creative team, the Spanish fireworks business, and in advance Simulation, rehearsal, to ensure smooth casting.

The ELEPHANT ENTERTAINMENT team is composed of 16 people. It has experience in planning and implementing fireworks, such as "Duffy Asian Games" and "F1 Formula Racing". In order to ensure safe and safe, On the east side of the track and field, the west side of the ceiling, to confirm the location and launch of pyrotechnics.

Organizing Committee pointed out that the limited field of Taipei track and field, route control, fireworks in addition to comply with the laws and regulations, for high-altitude wind, gunpowder waterproof and material are very particular about, while the concept of landscape, special effects into the program content is indeed A big challenge.


American-Chinese singer/Songwriter Wang Leehom will take part on the Opening Ceremony



Aboriginal Taiwanese singer A-Lin will also take part



Aboriginal Orchestra BOXING (原住民樂團BOXING)


Taiwanese violinist Yu Chien Tseng


In the cultural interpretation, the program does have a lot of new challenges, no matter how majestic hardware, still need to be "the world's largest," the world's largest international conference, Person "as a starting point.
2017 World University Games will be held on August 19 at 6 pm in Taipei track and field opening, when the singer Wang Lihong, A-lin, the world's modern dance troupe Martha Grams former dancers Jane Peiru, Cirque du Soleil Zhang Yijun, violinist Zeng Yuqian, Aboriginal Orchestra BOXING will participate in the opening performance.

The closing date is August 30 at 6:30 pm, in addition to artists every family, Xu Jiaying, nine days of folk art troupe performances, the most special than the highest 4 meters, the lowest 1 meter 5,9 robot composed of "shining Elegant Orchestra "and live" FOCA stunt dance "cross-border finale performance, wonderful can be expected.

Tu Jianguo pointed out that An Yi International is also the implementation of the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games in the implementation of the team, so the planning and implementation of the activities of considerable experience. However, the World Grand Canal level is higher than the world, even comparable to the Olympic level, there are many new challenges, so in addition to cultural performances, how to show from the "transmission of information" is also very important.

Tu Jianguo believes that the focus of this performance is to "people" as the starting point, to return to the "young people", so how to rituals, rituals to interpret young people thinking, culture, escape both performance framework, and even let Taiwan's athletes can be glorious and important.

"It is not to say how magnificent the hardware is, but how to present the content through the hardware." As the outside world is often in the "1200 square meters of large-scale LED", Tu Jianguo that the hardware facilities, although very important, Content is more important.

He stressed that the track and field limited terrain, how to space in a limited space, so that the performance, ground vision and suspended over the 3D space, in addition to adequate hardware capacity, the integration of content is the key.


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ROC President Tsai Ing-Weng will be present at the Opening Ceremony


Which obviously lead China, once more, to boycot the Opening Ceremony, as it has been typical everytime Taiwan hosts something :P


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I hope this Opening Ceremony can bring back the colorful and emotion of the classic Opening Ceremonies... This year, the Openings have been extremey dissapointing - excepting Winter Universiade and FINA - The biggest event of this year brought down all expetcatives:  World Games was a boring concert and IAAF London practicaly had not an act to celebrate the Opening of the championship...

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On 15/8/2017 at 11:40 AM, Nacholympic said:

I hope this Opening Ceremony can bring back the colorful and emotion of the classic Opening Ceremonies... This year, the Openings have been extremey dissapointing - excepting Winter Universiade and FINA - The biggest event of this year brought down all expetcatives:  World Games was a boring concert and IAAF London practicaly had not an act to celebrate the Opening of the championship...

The video you've posted is from the very first rehearsal. Apparently they didn't rehearsed/show everything given they want to keep the surprise for the people (according to their words). 

SEA Games opening this year look a bit promising, btw. They're bringing back the LED chairs technique which was used in London 2012. 

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On 16/8/2017 at 6:35 PM, Ikarus360 said:


SEA Games opening this year look a bit promising, btw. They're bringing back the LED chairs technique which was used in London 2012. 

Is there a topic in this forum related with SEA Gmes 2017?? Where can I find some sneak peaks of the Opening Ceremony???

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Saw some pics of the opening in twitter. Ceremony actually looked quite impressive with lots of projections. Sadly it seems the parade of nations was botched by protests outside the stadium (regarding the recent Pension laws ). I think the organization was a bit to blame because of not foreseeing this (great part of the athletes couldnt get in until much later in the opening)

Cauldron was kinetic much like Rio (seems thats a thing now) and it was lit by a baseball player on a similar fashion to the 2003 Pan Am Games.

No video yet, sadly. i guess FISU will post it eventually



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