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Baseball, Softball OUT!


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This is a bloody outrage! They kill two sports and they don't add in two more into the program..........the IOC is truly corrupt.

How is it corrupt in anyway?

They had a system set out, many rules in place and a well balanced democratic vote.

It was just unlucky no sport gained enough success. They cant just add sports to fill in the gaps if there just going to fail at the Games.

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I read that Rogge said he will propose to eliminate the 2 thirds majority that new sports have to pass to become "Olympic Sports", a necessary step to be added to the programme.

I'll look forward to see that motion on the agenda of the next session...

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So please explain to me if anybody on Earth is getting any benefit from this eviction and the removal of two sports from the program, down to 26.

Oh Yes!

The 26 remaining sports will benefit, as they could now loby to increase their quota of athletes in 2012 to fill the vacancy of several hundred athletes under the 10,500 cap created by the exclusion of these 2 sports... I have a feeling IOC members had that in mind when they decided to cut 2 relatively big sports and not add any new one.

Also, the share each sport will get from Olympic revenue will increase when 2 less sports share it... and what little media attention that Baseball and Softball got outside the few countries where these games are popular could go to other sports...

wherever there's pain for one, there's opportunity of gain to another...

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The president of the Australian Olympic Committee, John Coates, said many voters abstained. "A lot of voters are involved in the sports themselves and if there are two less sports on the program it may offer some room for them to expand."

That's exactly what I mean!

Substraction of 300-400 athletes as a result of Baseball and Softball elimination gives opportunity to many sports to increase their quota, and there are also a vacancy of 2 events to be filled...

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