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Shanghai 2032


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16 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

Yeah, I think 2032, unless something goes wrong, will got to the joint Korean bid -- which puts off Shanghai for another 2 cycles.

Then 2036 might either be Europe again or Durban, RSA finally.  

Interesting Nairobi pulled out in hosting next years Commonwealth Games federation meeting could they make a surprise bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games? I know that Nairobi Kenya is going for the 2025 IAAF World Championships so if they both host events they could be good for the first main African Olympics Paralympics in the 2040s? Kenya don't have issues of a city battles like South Africa has. 

2032 Summer Games is shaping out to be the battle of Asia, If Europe still don't have it's act together in for the 2036 games by 2028-2029 Peru and Argentina could be serious host in 2036, If Nairobi Kenya does host and do a great job in hosting the Commonwealth Games and the IAAF and the economy in Kenya is strong in the early 2030s they could host the 2040 games.     

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On 7/2/2019 at 5:01 PM, Roger87 said:

First wait if Nairobi doesn't end as disaster like Durban

That is why I said they need to get the Commonwealth Games and host it put on a great games before they even bid for the Olympic Games Kenya is the most stable country apart from South Africa able to host the Olympic Games in Africa so 2040 at the earliest.

Shanghai should built the Olympic Park along the river North East transform some of the industrial area into the Olympic Park that industrial island near the Shanghai International Fashion Center would be a great place and on the other side of the river would be a great place for the games village if they build a 100,000 seat Stadium for the games with downsize to 90,000 after the games.  


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Roger, just consider the source. Enuff said.   ^_^ It’s the same one who kept saying that the IOC should just call up a certain central Asian country to “save” the IOC’s butt for 2026. And the same one who suggests a Summer Olympics in “January”. :lol:

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