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Karkonosze 2030

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I gonna post as this even thru it just talking but it's interesting info which is not much visible even in Polish media and who knows what to what this can grow in to. When i find it was supprice for me, i to time to time google "Igrzyska w Polsce" ("olympics in in poland") in hope of potential olympics in Poland and i find this.

In January of this year majors of Szklarska Poręba and Karpacz got crazy idea to bid for Olympics entire region of Karkonosze in 2030 (so it would be named Karkonosze 2030). Karonosze is mountain region in Lower Silesia (Dolnośląskie) between Polish and Czech border, it quite near place where famous "golden train" supposely is which was talk about worldwide if you heard that. Szklarska Poręba alone is 2nd known winter city in Town aside of Zakopane (or maybe i think it that way as it is in quite near me)


As it is in Czech border, they wan to cooperate with them too and go beyond the region and even involve Germans and there snow track (but latest news shows they throw this idea away) and even involve near by Wrocław and Prague for ceremonies, they want to utilize favorable Agenda 2020 which eliminates compacty of Olympics. They talk about using Harrachov for ski jumping (here note that this complex current condition is very bad to no say tragic and needs huge renovation), Szklarska Poręba would take cross country (there was 2 world cup even when Kowalczyk was in form), alpine sking would be in Szczyrk and Špindlerův Mlýn, Karpacz is said to be potential place for luge track, Jelenia góra which is one of bigger cities in region would be place for indoor arenas. I want to point one that this for the first time where other region then Małopolska with Zakopane and Kraków which thinks of making winter olympics in Poland. Imo biggest issue (without looking on obvious money issue here ofcorse) of this region is low investment in sport, aside of of being typical tourist ski location this region is not much known for winter sport, fact that ski jumping the most popular winter discipline in Poland, would be in Harrachov shows that perfectly.

The overall atmosphere in media about it as you may guess is very septic after debacle which Kraków 2022 was (which in imo was some kind of public money drain campaign). The reason why i even written this is fact that they actually talked to government and PKOL (Polish NOC) about this, after Kraków 2022 both bodies are also sceptic about. Major problem here is the same as currently in entire Europe, people don't want wasting money, PKOL made it clear that the referendum will be required before even starting anything official (do i need to mention Kraków 2022 here again? ;p), minister of sport saying they will keep idea in distance for exact same reasons, until people will wanted, but looking on comments under news... i do not think they like the idea for now at least. The news i read mention 2020 as potential year for this referendum, which due to spread nature of idea might be diffult both logistically and legally as we not talking here about one city or even country. If refrendum happens, this will probably be moment when whole country gonna talk about it.

Here some links (polish so you need to use translator):




http://www.radiowroclaw.pl/articles/view/63713/Zimowe-igrzyska-w-Karkonoszach-To-nie-mrzonki-ROZMOWA-DNIA (interview with major of Szklarska Poręba)


Again as i said for now it is just talking and dreams and media coverage of it is very low, but since this is best place to talk about potential bids i think it's at least worth posting here to inform international bid-loving community about those talks, the think might silently just die of over time specially after next local elections next year. If anything significant happens regarding this will post info about it.

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The mountain in Szczyrk - Skrzyczne - does not offer enough vertical drop. FIS-approved course is has just a 650m vertical drop - 100m less the the absolute minimum. Vertical drop of Skrzyczne is enough for junior competitions but not for senior's.

And the second problem - its over 350km from Karpacz! Its just impossible to win with this moutain.

However... there  are 2 or 3 places in the Karkonosze were you could find 750-900 meters of vertical drop. I'm talking about Polish side because valleys on the Czech side are a little less deep. Of course Splinderuv Mlyn is a wonderful ski resort that surpasses everything else we have in Poland at the moment and it would be a good venue for slaloms.

So I'm pretty optymistic about making ski resort that would fullfill FIS requirements but it needs to be checked ASAP.  In 1999 we had bid with Kasprowy in the Tatras that has not even enough vertical drop (despite common believe in Poland its not the best place in Tatras /Western Tatras/ to make a ski resort - there are better but it would take a law change), now it looks much better.



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